Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Catching Up.

Fantastic news - the laptop is back in action! Well, sort of! Its been in for repair since Saturday because the charger socket was broken. The socket is now fixed but upon getting it home I've discovered that the speakers aren't working. I'm guessing that will mean another few days in the repair place which is exceptionally annoying because my whole life is on this thing - literally. Not just the blog and facebook and emails, but all my Weight Watchers stuff and banking and lord knows what else is on here. I feel like I've lost a limb whenever I haven't got it for a few days hours! Lets not dwell on that though, everytime I think about having to use the prehistoric 'family' computer it brings me out in a cold sweat and I can practically feel my blood pressure rising...eek.

Due to my impromptu absence and a sudden surge in social activities in my otherwise dull and monotonous life I have rather a lot to fill you all in on! First of all I'm sure you've all noticed the day - the dreaded weigh-in Wednesday! This week I lost 0.5lb. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but I've had a pretty heavy weekend foodwise (more on that to come) and I haven't done very much exercise, so I'm happy with that loss. Plus nothing was ever going to top last weeks loss anyway! This weeks loss of 0.5lb brings me to a total of 59lb off, and I'm hoping that next week will see me hit the magic 60lb.

As well as being weigh-in day, today was also the day that I finished my 12-week tracker book. I love the books because they track your measurements and weight, which the paper trackers don't do. Plus they're all pink and cute....god, I really am a massive loser, aren't I? Anyway, my point...I've come to the end of my book and since the 16th March 2011 I have lost 1st 3.5lb. I've also ditched an inch from each of my upper arms, 2.5in from my waist, 2in from my hips and 2in from each of my thighs, bringing me to a total loss of 10.5in in 12 weeks.  I was very impressed with myself! I wish I'd kept track of my measurements from the very beginning, I'd love to know my total inch loss since then. Didn't think that one through!

Anyway, now that all the weigh-in stuff is out in the open, we can talk about my goal for the week. This week the goal is....

Exercise!! I know I said this was my goal a couple of weeks ago, but it will continue to be my goal until I find the willpower to start a regime and stick to it for more than two work-outs. It is not in my nature to be defeated by anyone or anything, and my own laziness and lack of self-discipline is included in that statement. So I will keep trying to get myself into a decent routine with exercise. And when I fail, I'll try again. I know I'll get there eventually, but it might take some time. You'll stick with me though - right!?

Now all the boring Weight Watchers stuff is out of the way we can talk about something more interesting...I mean, its not like Weight Watchers is the point of this blog or anything! I've had a fantastic few days, which has definitely contributed to my less than impressive loss this week! I spent the weekend with my wonderful, beautiful friend Caitlan - she's so pretty it actually hurts to look at her sometimes, and I would love to be able to hate her on that principle. If only she wasn't so funny and sweet as well! We had a lovely chilled Friday night in at her house, which involved masses of Chinese food, wine and chocolate (all pointed, if you please). I've also officially turned her into a True Blood convert. So far she's Team Bill, but she hasn't been properly introduced to Eric yet. I have a feeling she may change her mind! On Saturday we headed to Bluewater Shopping Centre for food, shopping and cinema. It was such a beautiful day on Saturday that I finally found an excuse to crack out the maxi-dress that I bought from Dorothy Perkins ages ago. We didn't take any pictures, but I was vain enough to snap one of myself in a changing room!

Not what one would call the finest example of fashion photography but it does the job! My arms are still looking a bit porky but everything else seems to be getting there, slowly but surely.

As well as my lovely weekend with Cat, I was also treated to some quality Mum and Nan time on Monday when the three of us went to visit Leeds Castle (which is actually in Kent, go figure). The morning was slightly spoiled by the fact that it was hammering it down with rain, but it cleared up in the afternoon so we got the chance to wander round in the sunshine for a little while. I managed to remember my camera this time as well!!

A view of the Castle. The Castle and grounds were all so beautiful, even in the rain!

Nanny Joan, battling the elements!

 Leopard-print and neon hearts...could I be any more of a student!?

In the Queens bed-chamber!

I'm a bit of a fiend for the Tudors, Henry VIII was definitely the most interesting Royal!

We all had a lovely, and very tiring day - especially poor Nanny with her dodgy knees! I'm planning a few more trips like this over the summer, including one to Buckingham Palace at the end of July. Perks of working for the Queen and all that!

The other thing of note this week was meeting this little dude for the first time:

Welcome to the world, Frankie! He is the newborn baby boy of my mums best friend Jenny. Mum and Jen have known each other since they were both three years old and in nursery in the East End of London, and they've stayed friends ever since which I think is immeasurably cool. I'm not close to anyone from my very early childhood, and I kind of regret not having the sorts of friends that you've known since you were pretty much a baby. Jenny's oldest son Carl is three months older than me, so she started in the baby business before my mum did. She also has Jodie who's sixteen, and Ben who's twelve. And now little Frankie! My mum keeps saying that she must be mad to be doing it all over again, but then she ended up with me and George! We went over to see them yesterday and he is just the most adorable little thing. He's got a full head of hair and he didn't make a single peep the entire three hours we were there, even though he was getting passed around all of us like a game of pass the parcel! Too cute!

Ok readers, you may now consider yourselves officially updated! I'm off now to immerse myself in the world of Dean Koontz (his novel From The Corner Of His Eye is doing nothing to disprove my theory that all writers are more than a little disturbed - and I have no trouble including myself in that!). Hope everyone is having an amazing week!!

Love to you all!
Lauren xxx


  1. You remind me of myself in so many ways!! Lol you crack me up. Your trips and time with the family sound awesome!

    We are so close to the same weight loss on this journey. At my last weigh in I was down 58.4.. I hope to hit 60lbs by next's my daughter's first birthday party!!

    As far as the working out goes: Maybe you shouldn't stick to the SAME routine every day..I have found that switching it up from day to day has kept me working out longer and more consecutively. I do Turbo Fire one day, run another day, ride my bike another day and so keeps me interested!!

    And lastly, I nominated you on my blog for the Adorable Blog Award!! :) Check it out when you can.


  2. Hellooooooooooo!!

    I have missed you my lovely!! I never tire of reading your blog posts :)

    well done on almost being at your 60lbs loss!! You have done so fab and should be so proud of yourself. I bet your pleased to have lost the inches too!

    Like you my goal has been to keep up with the exercise, was doing okay until nearly killed myself on Monday on the EA sports active for wii. Not good. Excuses are so easy though. I do agree mixing it up will help!

    I love the castle its so beautiful!! I love all old buildings like that, its my dream to live in one someday. Somewhere that has all the old features, the detailing, they just dont make them like that these days.

    I love your outfit picture post! Its so cuteeeeeee, i want your umbrealla, and your wellies please.


  3. you're wearing the new top from a few weeks ago!!! you look so lovely in the pics from leeds castle. can't believe i thought it was in leeds ~ stupid much??! x


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