Friday, 10 June 2011

Another Award!

The beautiful Krystle over at Skinny Jeans Dreams has awarded me the Adorable Blog Award! I'm very flattered and excited to have received another award, its almost as good as when I got the Headteacher's Award in Year 5 and got to go to the front of assembly to collect it! (Yes, I have always been a geek.) Thanks Krystle!

Ok, so I'm supposed to tell you all 10 things about myself and then link you up to some of my favourite blogs of the moment. Here it goes...

1. I hate talking on the phone - why talk when you can text?!

2. My hips are 13.5 inches w i d e r than my waist - that's over a foot!

3. I'm very close to my mum - sometimes I think we're a little too close. She tells me things that no daughter wants to know about her mother. Ever.

4. I have completely obliterated my stomach - seriously, you wouldn't believe the stretchmarks. I know people who have had babies and don't have stretchmarks as bad as mine. I won't ever be able to wear a bikini. I used to hate them, and hate myself because of them. Now I look at them as a reminder of what I used to be - what I'll never be again.

5. I have a '50 Things To Do Before I Die' list. Wearing size 12 jeans is in the top five.

6. I have a serious fascination with Vampires. Not just the True Blood/Twilight Vamps, but all the myths and legends from all over the world. I'm even taking a module on Vampires next year at university.

7. One day I want a big family. I love kids and I can't wait to have my own in a few years time.

8. I love fruit, vegetables and salads - for some reason people find it weird that overweight people can like healthy food. Patronise me a little more, why don't you!?

9. I'm addicted to the Wii Fit. We've only had it a week and I'm already a total convert - my thighs and tummy are killing from doing squats and lunges on there this afternoon.

10. I'm a big-time animal person. I don't trust people who don't like animals and to me there are two acts that are unforgivable and unjustifiable - abusing children and abusing animals. Anyone who does either deserves to burn!

And now, some blogs that I'm loving...

All the girlies over at Where Are My Knees? - they've got every base covered!

Candy over at Candy and Kankles

My wonderful friend Rosie at Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

My equally wonderful friend Sarah at Under The Blossoming Cherry Tree

And finally, Gem at Fat Frocks

Please head over and check all of these girlies out, because they're awesome. And a big thank you again to Krystle as well!!

Love to you all
Lauren xxx


  1. Firstly i am so glad to have you back!
    Secondly thank you for the award!!


  2. Aaaw thanks hun!
    Glad you like Where Are My Knees, I'm having an end of term fun day at work and I just ate loads of cheese and muffins so I need to get on the Just Dance and Wii fit tonight ;)

  3. Congrats on the award, Lauren, and thanks for stopping by my blog! I believe WW saved my life too! In reading your list of 10 things it seems we have a few things in common. Hooray for international bloggy buddies! Looking forward to reading more! :-)

  4. i have a fascination with vampires too which predates the whole twilight thing. it's the whole gothic sex lust passion twisted thing. have read dracula more times than i can count.

    thanks forthe award love

  5. Congratulations x
    Keep up the good work

  6. Congratulations Doll on your blog award and congrats to those receiving it too.

    <3 Marina


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