Saturday, 21 May 2011

Second Year: Done.

Thats right folks, second year is finally complete. And what have I learnt?

megavideo is the enemy of productivity; cheese on toast is acceptable at any/all meal times; Thursday morning lectures after Wednesday nights at the Venue are never pretty; Moby Dick is NOT a 'classic'; takeaways, new clothes and nights out are a perfectly acceptable use of ones student loan; housework is the best means of procrastination20 is far too young to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life; if you're not up until 4am on deadline day finishing an essay then you're not working hard enough; impromptu nights out are always better than planned ones; international drinking rules and pub golf will inevitably result in you losing your phone/purse/keys/dignity - or all of the above; first impressions count for nothing; engaging your lecturer in a discussion as to why the Labour party are shit is a sure-fire way to make her dislike you for the rest of the term; drunkenly jumping in front of your friends camera on a night out will come back to haunt you when you check facebook the next day; Canterbury definitely needs a Primark; anyone who tells you that you can't write an essay the day before its due and get a 1st is lying;  you're never too old to go running home to mummy; and just because something didn't go to plan, that doesn't mean that it didn't work out for the best.

And what did I learn about literature, I hear you cry? Sylvia Plath was a lunatic, Ralph Ellison had a chip on his shoulder, and Shakespeare was definitely on something.

£3,290 well spent if you ask me.

Love to you all!!!
Lauren xxx


  1. hahahahahahahahahah this is toooo cute and so true!! Although I am not a literature major nor do I know half of the places you talked about considering I'm from good old New Jersey, USA.. I can so relate!! lol glad you are enjoying yourself at college!!! You are only young once, live it up!!!

  2. this is hilarious - and so true! yay on finishing second year love.

  3. You never fail to make me laugh with your posts but i deffo agree its true!
    well dont on surviving second year!

  4. Hahaha - LOVE this post, mainly because it's entirely true. Brought back a nostalgic feel for me - I graduated in 2007.

    Little advice - enjoy it all now. as much as humanly possible. Everything changes after graduation :-(

    Following you now :-) Follow back?

    Little Rachael
    Little Rachael
    Little Rachael

  5. Haha I'm only done my first year but those are all very true! Love your blog (have just found it :D).

  6. Just found your blog and totally loving it! Looove Sylvia Plath too :)


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