Thursday, 26 May 2011

Paint Your Love: Exercise Your Body, Exercise Your Will.

This weeks PYL from the beautiful Moorea could not have come at a better time for me. 
(Very clearly, these aren't my nails!)

After a horrible and totally unjustified gain at my meeting yesterday, I've been thinking of ways to speed up my weight loss and make sure I don't see another gain this week. Like I said in my post yesterday, I desperately need to step up the exercise. Before my Easter holidays I had a really good routine going with the gym and I found myself enjoying it as well, something that I never thought would happen. After the holidays my gym routine went out of the window, which is annoying because I had no lectures and therefore no reason not to go. On the other hand I managed to stay on track throughout the exam period which is unheard of for me - usually as soon as essays are due or exams are looming I go completely off the rails and exist on a diet of nachos and cheese on toast for two weeks. Anyway, I digress.

This weeks PYL is all about exercise and its benefits to your body and mind. You can read more about it in Moorea's own words here. She talks about how exercise is a great way to keep healthy and happy and to challenge yourself. Obviously there are the obvious benefits to exercise like calroie burning and toning up, but then there are all the lovely endorphins it releases and how well you sleep after. I always find it makes my skin clearer as well, which is never a bad thing as like most other people my age I suffer from the dreaded spots, particularly around a certain time of the month!

Moorea's main point in her PYL post this week was how exercise is a great way to challenge yourself and push yourself further - something I'm definitely guilty of avoiding at all costs. I do not like to be challenged. I certainly don't like challenging myself. I stay in my own comfort zone at all times, at all costs. Part of it is due to my being lazy, but mostly it comes down to how much I hate to fail at anything. One example of this that springs to mind is my English GCSE (for those of you out there who don't know what these are, they're the exams that British schoolchildren sit at age 15/16 in year 11 - or 11th Grade). I had finished all my coursework with a solid grade B, and my teacher wanted me to redraft some of it to push my grade up to an A. To my mind, that was futile because a) it was a lot of effort, and b) it was well out of my comfort zone. What if I redid the work and didn't get the grade anyway? Not worth the risk. (I should point out that I ended up with an A* in my English GCSE - I'm not a Lit Student on a whim, its literally the only thing I've ever been good at!) I'm much the same way when it comes to exercise. I won't go to classes or run in public. I won't go to the gym with other people. All of these are things that I see as challenges, because I know each of them will push me to work harder than I would otherwise, and thats something that scares me. I'm too lazy and scared of failing to want to push myself outside of where I'm comfortable. 

Hopefully these are both habits that I can break out of over the next few weeks, with some inspiration from Moorea's words and my own will-power. I plan to start C25K which will involve running in public, and my mum will be joining me after she's fully recovered from her op so I'll have a running buddy as well, something else that I would normally avoid like the plague. Hopefully these small steps will go some way towards eventually taking bigger steps, like going to an actual exercise class instead of going it alone in the gym.

As well as stepping up the exercise over the next few weeks, I've also decided to really cut down on carbs. I eat far too much pasta and bread-type-stuff so I'm going to try to focus primarily on protein and vegetables with small portions of carbs with my dinners. I normally rely on carbs a lot for energy and to fill me up so it'll be interesting to see how I cope without them during the day. I'll keep you posted!!

How is everyone doing?? Good luck to everyone at their weigh-ins this week!

Lots of love
Lauren xxx

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  1. it's weird because in lots of ways i have really strong comfort zones and get panicky to go outside of them, but i also LOVE LOVE to challenge myself. i understand the fear of failing though. hopefully setting acheivable small targets will help - the couch to 5k is a good one, and believe me you will be running it in no time. it takes about 3 times doing the same thing for it to be easy, so i find if i am to do run xamount 3 times this week, next week it'll be too easy and i will have to increase...

    i reckon that the different wi time and totm bloating had a lot to do with your gain, but shaking things up is still a good idea and i hvae my fingers crossed for you for next week!


    ps well done on staying on track throughout exams this year: just goes to show that even in stress now food isn't your go to. that's amazing!


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