Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pack Up Your Troubles.

Hi guys!

I apologise if this post gets a bit long, I was planning to include some of the stuff on yesterdays post but I was so tired that I didn't get round to it!

Ok, so like I said....I finished second year!!! I sat my final exam yesterday morning. It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't as terrible as the one I had on Wednesday which was diabolical. After I'd done the exam I had a wander into town and made some...ahem...'investments'.

That's right, I got more Barry M nail paints. The colours shown here are Bright Pink and Instant Nail Effects in White. Together, they look like this:

It kinda reminds me of stawberry milkshake...or is that just me? The girls all said it was cute, the boys said it looked like I'd been messing around with a tin of emulsion. But since when have men known what they're talking about!?

I also got some yummy bodyshop shower-gels that were on offer, so over the next few weeks I will be smelling of either coconut, strawberry, grapefruit or tangerine. Which has the potential to be quite dangerous as I'll be using public transport every day...hope no mad people on the tube try to eat me. As well as that I got some new mascara and some St. Tropez (which I'm currently slathered in, resulting in me looking like some sort of deranged Oompa Loompa). By far my favourite purchases were the underwear! I mentioned a few weeks ago in one of my posts that I was having some 'bra issues'. To tell a long story short, the girls have shrunk and I was in desperate need of some new bras. And if you're getting the bra, well then its just rude if you don't get the matching pants! Both these sets were from good old M&S - they're so cute!! And comfy! I'm a definite fan.

As well as unlimited shopping time, the end of exams also means that I'm so much less wound-up, which in turn resulted in me getting the best nights sleep ever last night. I swear I must have lapsed into a coma. I woke up around half seven this morning just in time to message all the people who had exams this morning (World Best Friend, I shit you not) before I fell back to sleep for another five hours. It was 1pm before I dragged my sorry carcass out of bed and headed straight out for a pub lunch with the boys - its a tough old life, isn't it? We went to a lovely pub just outside Canterbury, and I made a very Weight-Watchers friendly choice - haddock and salmon fishcakes with salad (we won't talk about the two Magners I had with lunch). We headed home via McDonalds because the boys wanted a McFlurry. Shockingly, I didn't. It wasn't even like I wanted one and wasn't getting one because of Weight Watchers - I genuinely was full from lunch and didn't want one. A year ago I would have got one and eaten it anyway, even if I was full. That, my friends, is progress.

Sadly this evening has not been quite so leisurely...I've been packing!! 

From this:

To this:

How in the hell did I accumulate so much junk? The only good thing about packing up my entire room has been finding all the clothes at the back of my wardrobe that now either fit or are very close to fitting. Yay!

While I was packing I also felt compelled to snap a picture of myself:

You'll have to excuse my happy face, and the mess in the background - I was just baffled as to where that waist came from?? I actually look like a girl now, instead of a beach-ball with arms and legs. Just in time for summer! Very excited.

I'm off now, for another nice long sleep before heading back home tomorrow. The next time you hear from me, I'll be safely back in Essex!

Love you all!
Lauren xxx

P.S - In the spirit of packing up....

Perfect. Summer. Tune. Enjoy!


  1. I just bought some new undies in m&s due to diet shrinkage, they really are fab and stock all sizes although there isn't as much choice if you are bigger than a DD which is a bit disappointing but still better than any other store x

  2. i agree - the nail varnish reminds me of strawberries and cream starbucks frap, or of eton mess! mmm...

    ALso you look hot stuff in that photo - what a figure ;-)

    Love the undies too, i am such an m&s girl at heart

    and finally yay to making progress in eating habits which is probably the hardest thing. I went out for tea last night to somewhere i didn't know any of the points of, and instead of freaking out I just chose something sensible and nice that I wanted. so progress for rosie too :-D


  3. I just want to say how amazing you look in that photo and i am extremely jealous of you!! well done sweetie you should be super proud of yourself!

    Its amazing though how much junk we do get together to be honest! I cant wait until exams are over to declutter my room, well and my life tbh.


  4. You look super slim in that pic lauren! :o) xx


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