Sunday, 22 May 2011

Just Call Me Super Lauren.

Hi guys!!

Ok, so, I'm HOOOOMEEE. Safe and sound, back in the land of white stilletos and people who say 'Shu'uuuuup'. I was greeted when I got home with a rather spectacular roast dinner a la Mummy Jones and a glass of red, which went down a treat. And I'm not ashamed to tell you that I just tucked into some raspberry brulee cheesecake and chocolate gateau for dessert as well - a slither of each, that has been tracked and pointed. Excuse me while I polish my halo.

I have to admit that I'm amazed by the extent of my organisation today. As we are all aware, I am the Queen Bee of procrastination, and yet I've managed to unpack and put away all the stuff I brought back with me - which is an achievement in itself because my room at home is about the third of the size of my room at uni and contains the same amount of stuff. I've also made and packed tomorrows lunch (biggest salad you've ever seen) AND ironed my clothes for tomorrow, both normal clothes and my uniform. I swear, I don't even know myself anymore. Why can't I be this motivated when I've got an essay to write?!

I will admit to getting a little distracted this afternoon when I found a stack of old Weight Watchers magazines under my bed. One of the 'success stories' was a girl who lost her weight as a student. She said one of the things she did to keep herself motivated was 'lbs for paperclips' - for every lb she lost, she added another paperclip to the chain. Naturally, I had to do it as well. Have any of you ever made a chain out of 54 paperclips?? Its long. Longer than I thought it was going to be. I'm not entirely sure that its what I'd call motivating, but it was certainly one way to kill five minutes of unpacking-induced boredom.

The other thing I discovered upon my homecoming is that my 'little' brother is now taller than me. He's not even fifteen yet! He must be pushing 6ft now, and his voice has broken. It's so weird! And it makes me feel ridiculously old - I remember the day he was born and the first time I held him (he screamed the place down and everyone said I'd pinched him) and how he's taller than me! I can't even threaten him with violence anymore when he annoys me!

I'm going to love you and leave you now - I was just checking in :) Enjoy whats rest of Sunday evening and I hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow! I've just set my 6.30am alarm for work...its not going to be pretty!

Lauren xxx


  1. My bro who is 13- 14 in July is the same height as me, and his voice has broke, so I totally know what you mean. It really is very weird!!

    Hope your first day back at work tomorrow goes well xx

  2. I love that paperclip idea!
    I made a chicken and potato thingy today from a WW magazine, it had honey, garlic and lemon on mmm.
    I would love to see how much I've lost in bags of sugar or blocks of lard or something xx

  3. Omg such a good idea about the paperclips!!!! Stealing it! lol Glad you are home safe and sound <3

  4. Great paper clip idea girl!!! So glad you're home safe!! Keep up the great work doll.



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