Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Exam Update, *Unofficial* Weigh-In and Paint Your Love.

Yes folks, its that time of week again! I know that I only weighed in on Sunday, hence this being an unofficial weigh-in. I just like to keep track of everything regularly and I've got used to weighing-in on Wednesdays so I hopped on my scales this morning when I got up, and they showed....


Granted I don't know how accurate they are in relation to the scales at the Weight Watchers meeting. They're normally within 1lb either way so regardless of whether they're 100% accurate or not I'm still taking it as a loss and encouragement to carry on. If they are accurate it means I'm dead-on 4st off which would be awesome! I'm not counting my eggs before they've hatched though...or before they're laid...or chickens...or something. You know what I'm getting at! I'll wait for my official weigh-in this time next week before I change my stats.

After I'd weighed this morning I toddled off to my exam....three down, one more to go! The one this morning wasn't pleasant at all...well none of them have been pleasant, they're exams, they're supposed to be torturous - but this one was particularly nasty. Whatever though, its done, and I only needed about 15% to pass the module which I'm pretty sure I got. If I didn't then I'm even more dense than I give myself credit for...

Anyway, post-exam...I should have come home and immediately started revising for the fourth and final exam on Friday morning. Needless to say, I didn't. I decided that a few hours to chill out and wind-down before going back to the Shakespeare were more than well deserved, cue an afternoon lounging in my room, watching Castle and reading Cosmo. Particularly interesting in 'Cosmostrology' (aka horoscopes) this month was this little tit-bit...

'Virgos stand a good chance of a hit blog or book by 2012.' 

Guess who's a Virgo baby!? (Hint: ME!) Needless to say as soon as I'd read that I immediately messaged everyone I know who reads this blog to tell them about it...yes, I know its a horoscope and those things are pulled out of a hat in the office the day before the mags go to press...but its still cool!!

While I was doing aforementioned lounging I got down to some Paint Your Love action -

This picture doesn't show the colour very well, but they're a lovely sparkly deep blue - another Barry M colour, of course. Blue is chilled, so hopefully having it on my hands this week will remind me to take a deep breath and re-laaax, as apparently I've been a little bit stressed out of late - or so I'm told. (I actually cried yesterday. Genuine tears. And I never cry!) And failing that its sure to provide something entertaining for me to pick at during my exam on Friday when I'm too stressed to function any longer. Silver lining and all that.

I'm also already a little bit addicted to this guy...

Weight Watchers ProPoints pedometer!! I had one of the old-school ones but stopped using it when the new ProPoints stuff came in. I'd forgotten how much having it on motivates you to get up and move around, it definitely does the job! I don't think I'll be using the exercise points I earn - I struggle to use my weekly points most of the time - but its nice to know how much I've done in a day and that they're there should I need them! It was definitely an investment!

And finally, before I love you and leave you all - ADVICE PLEASE. As I've mentioned I'm going back to work full-time on Monday and will be taking food with me as a) KFC is the devil, and b) spending all my wages on ridiculous London food prices offends me. But I need lunch ideas! I don't want to be stuck in a bagel-pitta-sandwich rut for three months, so if any of you have any yummy (and WW friendly - obviously) suggestions then send them my way! I'm on the ProPoints plan, or PlusPoints/PointsPlus as our lovely friends in the states call them, but if you don't know the points for something it won't be hard for me to figure it out! I should probably let you know as well that we have an oven/grill, toaster, microwave and kettle at work so feel free to suggest things that need warming up! Looking forward to reading your ideas :)

Big smooch to you all!
Lauren xxx


  1. Hey girlfriend! Thank you for your comment on my blog and GOOD LUCK on your last final!! I'm sure you will do wonderful.

    As far as lunch.. hmm.. I like tuna wraps with onions and celery cut up in it and a big tomato. I also get the already made pulled pork, which is like 2 PP's for 1/4 cup and I eat that on WW bread for a really yummy 4 point lunch (although I usually add cheese or a side of something that beefs up the points), Progresso Lite soup is really low on the PP values and super filling and delicious!

    Hope those ideas help somewhat! Have a great day!

  2. so exciting you might be at 4 stone! what sort of point limit are you thinking for lunches so i can get some ideas for you? x

    roll on our pedometer challenge!

  3. Congrats on the unofficial loss! Wish I had lunch ideas for you, but I'm not really all that great of a cook. When I'm in a pinch for lunch I've been stopping at Subway because I know they're calorie friendly compared to some of the other things out there.


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