Saturday, 28 May 2011

C25K - The Beginning.

Hello readers, and welcome to my 100th post on A Little Less Of Lauren!! You're excited, I can tell.

In all seriousness though, I am on here to update you because today I started the Couch To 5k program, known from here on in as C25K. For those of you who aren't familiar with this program its running for beginners, and basically claims that it can have pretty much anyone running 5k within 9 weeks - or thereabouts. If you want to check out the program in more detail, you can do so here. I started today on Week 1, Day 1 (funnily enough) and man it was hard. I don't care what anyone says, running outside is a lot harder than running in the gym. When I run in the gym I can do probably four or five minutes straight (yes, I know this doesn't sound like a lot. Lets please bear in mind that not a year and a half ago I couldn't even walk up a flight of stairs. Baby steps.), but today I struggled with the minute intervals. I think it was to do with the way the time is structured - 60 seconds running, 90 seconds power-walking, and repeat. I've run outside before but I kind of ran for as long as I could, and then walked until I had my breath back. This time I had to start running again even if I wasn't quite prepared! I did it though. My legs aren't thanking me now, but I did it.

I was also breaking in my new 'proper running trainers' today as well. Why do they have to be so ugly? Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a nice pair of trainers. They're so clumpy and chunky-looking. And they've given me some mean blisters on the back of my heels, even from just 25 minutes in them. Its just because they're new (I hope), and once I've worn them a few times they'll be ok.

C25K recommends running three times a week while you're going through the program, and giving yourself days between to rest and recover. I've decided that this week I'm going Tuesday and Thursday - I can go after work on Tuesday and during the day on Thursday as I'm off. Hopefully, depending on how it goes this week, I can start Week 2 over next weekend, and soon I'll look like this:

Instead of like this:

In other news, I've managed to stick to low-carbs, high protein for the last couple of days - or as much as is possible. I went out for lunch with my dad yesterday, and as we went to Prezzo (yummy Italian food!) of course some bread did sneak in. I went for a salad instead of a pizza or pasta though, which I was proud of. And I passed on dessert in favour of black coffee with sweetener! Even though I really really wanted the chocolate fudge cake, I didn't surrender. Chocolate is the enemy, my body is a temple, and all that jazz.

Also, inspiration has struck in the form of Krystle over at Skinny Jeans Dreams, who has made the cutest 'I Know I Can' (if any of you have yet to check out her blog, I suggest you do so pronto, because she's fabulous). I'm nowhere near as artistic as Krystle is, so I'm settling for posting my NSVs and all the other little things that remind me that I can on here instead!! 

  • I can buy clothes from normal shops again.
  • I weigh less now than I have since I was in Sixth Form.
  • I no longer use food as a comfort or because I'm bored.
  • I can exercise around without getting out of breath.
  • I no longer hate the way I look - granted, I don't particularly like it, but I'm starting to notice things about my body that I never saw before. I'm not just 'fat' anymore, I have actual features.
So those are my 'I know I can's! Just a few little things that have changed over the last few months that I never thought would change. What are the things that keep you motivated to carry on with what you're doing - whether it be weight loss or starting up your own business, or anything else for that matter?

Right my lovelies, thats your lot from me tonight! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Love to you all!
Lauren xxx


  1. I know you said your trainers are new, and I don't know where you bought them, but as a runner myself I can tell you it is SO important that your shoes fit you properly. There are running shops where you can try the shoes on and then run in them on a treadmill, they film you and can show you whether the shoes are supportive enough and even if you're running properly! Just a thought if you were going to run a lot, because badly-fitting shoes can cause injuries and then stop you from being able to exercise (I learnt that the hard way).
    I'm glad you're running outside it is SO much better I never run on treadmills I hate it! It is harder, but that just means that you're working out harder and ultimately burning more calories :)

  2. Hi Rach! Haven't spoken to you in forever! Hope you're ok!!
    The trainers definitely fit me better than my other ones, and the guy in the shop had me walk and jog around in about five different pairs before he said these ones seemed to me best so hopefully he knew what he was talking about!! They're not mega expensive ones as I'm still not sure running is going to be for me so I kept to a fairly low budget. These ones were £30 down from £60 so they were a good bargain! I think the blisters are just from them being new and not quite broken in yet - hopefully after a few wears they'll be ok :) xxx

  3. Not sure where you got them from and don't have time to read the whole post right now (I have a postman pat puzzle to help with apparently) but get yourself to Bluewater and go to She runs He runs. Ask them to assess your running style and advise you on running shoes. They do what Rach says. They do a 30 day guarantee so even if you have worn the shoes outside if there is any problem they will exchange them. I got mine from there a couple of weeks ago and have had no problem with them. I'm using the c25k podcasts too.

  4. sometimes you can have the right shoes and still get blisters, which i am guessing is what happened to you lauren. my sister got some new ones and got horrendous blisters: compeed is the answer. i am quite blister prone in general and am often wearing preventative compeed!! (ha what a loser i am!)

    when you first start running if you have never done it before then your feet aren't hardened and prepared for it. Your feet develop a sort of thicker layer of dead skin ( nice!) if you walk or run a lot to give you an extra layer of protection and harden you feet. so i would say it's just because you are just starting out on running, and it'll get better.

  5. Sounds like you are determined....what great motivation!!!
    Trainers are always ugly I totally agree...
    I love your list of NSV they are very similar to mine

  6. Congrats on 100th post
    Sounds like you are totally motivated.

  7. Good luck on the C25k! I have done 3 weeks, and kind of stalled out because of the weather. It's hard work running when you haven't done so in awhile... I hear it gets better tho :) I know I need to get back on it.


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