Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Thrilling Friday Night.

Here's the thing about my working style...I can't. No, seriously. I can't work or get anything at all done unless it's last minute. Every deadline I've had over the last two years at university have been preceeded by me staying up all night the night before to get the essays finished. Thats no exaggeration, I'm yet to hand in a single essay that isn't the product of an all-nighter. This would worry me, but as I'm averaging a 68 for second year without having actually done that much work, I'm not that fussed.

Essays are due in a week and I have two to write - and I still haven't got 'the fear'. I don't know what it is about that feeling that motivates me - when I'm feeling it I hate myself and curse all the hours spent watching crap tv and aimlessly perusing facebook. Every day this week I've sat down to do essay work, and every day this week I've done a miniscule amount that would take a normal person an hour. In fairness, this has resulted in me having two pretty solid essay plans a whole week before the buggers are due...but I've still got to actually write them. Which is what today was.

I don't have a desk in my bedroom, with the result that the rest of the house are banished from the living room so I can use the dining room table. Which ends up looking like this:

And yes, I know thats not work on the screen, I was on a tea break!! (See what I mean!? PROCRASTINATION.)

Anyway, my afternoon at the table has, by my standards, been fairly productive and has resulted in me having what I think is a pretty solid introduction to one of the essays - HURRAH. (I should add that I did do some reading as well, and had dinner, it didn't actually take me seven hours to write 350 words. Although stranger things have happened.)

I think this is called 'progress'.

With any luck this 'progress' will get me a first.

Now, moving away from the tedious subject of my tedious course with its tedious texts and tedious essay questions and onto more interesting subject - such as my social life. Because after all, thats why I really came to university...

Sophie's birthday bash, 30/03/2011.

I'm not a massive fan of these photos, but they were the best that the night had to offer. I was definitely having a fell-out-of-the-ugly-tree-and-hit-every-branch-on-the-way-down night - plus its impossible to look good when you're in a photo with Emma. Skinny bint! I despise her and her jumpsuit...but in a very loving way. Also, these pictures aren't exactly great in terms of from the neck down - I realise now that the jacket was something of a mistake and makes me look completely shapeless, which is why I've added another one. It's totally blurry and I'm headless in it, and you can see all my baby pictures around the edge of my mirror, but its the only one I've got that shows underneath the jacket!

I have also today, while in the process of looking for photos for this blog, stumbled across my 'before' pictures. OH. MY. GOD. Think elephant in bra and pants, and you're still nowhere near how bad they are. Every time somebody tells me how different I look, I assume they're just being polite because they know I'm doing Weight Watchers, but after seeing those pictures for the first time in about six months, I actually believe them. They're horrifying. I'm thinking one day, probably once I'm at goal, and when I'm feeling very brave, I may post them. Along with a comparison pic of me at goal so everyone can see I'm not that hideous anymore. As of right now, the only people who have seen me in any state of undress when I was that heavy are me (obviously), my best friend, who's seen the pictures, and my ex-boyfriend. That poor bastard got the live show - urgh. No wonder I was so miserable.

Now that I've said that, I'm going to go to bed and leave you all in a highly anticipatory state - I know you just can't wait to see pictures of the fatty in her bra and knickers! I need a good nights sleep so I can be up and at 'em for the gym tomorrow. The new equipment is AMAZING - but thats another blog post altogether.

Later peeps, love to you all :)
Lauren xxx

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  1. Lauren you look amazing in those photos. Just think how you will look when at goal. You will be stunning darling. Keep up the good work!


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