Friday, 29 April 2011

A Right Royal To-Do.

Ok, so confession: I'm coming on here to gush...over just how beautiful the Royal Wedding was this morning!

I know, I know, everyone is sick of hearing be honest, I am as well. Or I was. After working in London for two weeks over the holidays I was sick to the back teeth of tourists flashing their Wills and Kate Oyster cards at me and asking me questions about which of the Crown Jewels are used for Royal Weddings (answer: none of them. Full state regalia is not used for Royal nuptials. The tiara Kate wore this morning was on personal loan from the Queen...and by the way, I totally did not read about that on our work noticeboard...). I'm not one of those English (because I'm English, not British) people who is totally in love with the monarchy. In fact, I'm fairly ambivalent towards them most of the time. However this did not stop me tuning in this morning.

I started off in a fairly cynical manner. I was half-hoping that it would rain, that Kate would trip over her train and that William would cock his vows up in front of the assembled Royals and celebs. My cynicism lasted approximately thirty seconds, until I saw the thousands of people lining the streets of London, waving Union Jacks and celebrating as if it were their own family members tying the knot in Westminster Abbey. Suddenly I was so proud to be English, to be part of this country and its history. Even from my living room, wearing my moo-cow print pajamas, drinking tea out of my Twilight Mug and eating Marmite on toast (never let it be said that I don't know how to live), I was caught up in the excitement and the atmosphere of it all. And ok, so the occasional sarcastic comment may have slipped out, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't loving every second of it. I loved the Royal Gentlemen, in their oh-so-dashing uniforms, I loved Kate's beautiful dress, I loved the assorted celebs, politicians and Royals who all showed up in their glad-rags (minus Samantha Cameron - the woman didn't even wear a hat! I mean really, make an effort love) to watch the couple make their vows in Westminster Abbey. What I loved most of all was when William leaned over and whispered to Kate 'You look beautiful'. It was just such a real moment - somehow you don't ever think of them as actual people, so it was nice to see their human side. There wasn't a dry in the house. Well, there wasn't a dry eye in my house. And that might have been because I was the only one in it, and I myself had been crying since the commentator said that 'the last time William and Harry were together at the Abbey was when they were following the funeral procession in 1997' - SOB. I was an absolute mess!

So yes, its safe to say that my cynicism and dislike for the human race as a general entity has been quashed. Trampled to the ground by an overwhelming sense of Patriotism and optimism, something that was shared by the entire country as well as many other people around the globe who tuned in.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Now, where's my Prince Charming??

Lauren xxx


  1. I though it was so sweet! I just caught the tail end of it but it was so amazing seein all the people!

  2. Reading your blog on the wedding was like hearing my thoughts, exactly. Weird! I completely agree with you :)

    (hoping you don't mind me popping on, i'm a friend of Sarah's and seen your blog on her's)


  3. I have to admit that I did not watch it all because I was trying to do some work, the keyword being trying there, but totally agree with you LJ i too started off the day hoping it would rain, or something would go wrong, so I could laugh at the millions it no doubt cost the tax payers. But after seeing her dress, and the beautiful ceremony. Im glad it didnt rain, but still pissed off at how much it cost. I know loads of people were very off the idea of the wedding but its suprising too see how many people actually watched it and got involved.


  4. Here here! Couldn't agree more, it made me feel very proud! I was standing on the main gates at Buckingham palace when they left in the Aston... Magical is all i can say!


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