Friday, 8 April 2011

Just Add A Good Splash Of Alcohol, A Drop Of Hard Work, And A Pinch Of Procrastination.

And there you have it. Spring term - done.

Thats right folks, spring term is completed and second year is drawing rapidly to a close. I completed and submitted both my essays this morning and am currently two thirds packed for my fortnight at home is Essixxxxxx. 'citing!

As I've spent the last week of my life being incredibly wordy and verbal (you'd be amazed at how many times I've used the words 'corruption', 'oppression' and 'sexuality') I've decided to make this post a little more visual than my normal ramblings.

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado...welcome to the S/S '11 wish-list post.

First on the list...the perfect summer body! Like it says on the photo, the women's ideal is a UK size 8 - which I will never be - but to be honest if I woke up tomorrow looking like the lovely Caroline, I certainly wouldn't be complaining!

Next come the lovely clothes in which to dress my new hot body....
 Jumpsuit, bag, wedges, bangle, sunglasses and bando are all New Look - perfect for summer!

And next, a treat for the newly discovered gym bunny in make sure I can maintain aforementioned hot body....
Embellished gym top and leggings are both Team GB by Stella McCartney - I'm officially in love. They can be purchased from, along with the trainers. The sweatbands are my own personal touch :) come on you irons!

And lastly, for now, the car....

'Cause a girls gotta dream!

Lauren xxx

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  1. I love the shades! and the stella gym stuff, i basically just love stella and her animal free fashion ways!! xx


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