Monday, 25 April 2011

An Easter Weekend Update.

Hello lovely beautiful readers.

It feels like ages since I last posted, but when I checked it was only last Thursday! I feel I am becoming a bit blog/twitter obsessed (I would say facebook obsessed as well, but I've been that for nearly four years so its kind of old news!) I think it probably feels like so long because I've had such a manically busy Easter weekend. I worked all weekend and had the happy-hijacked-pagan-festival/Easter roast dinner with the family on Sunday, whilst simultaneously attempting to pack and get myself ready for my return to Canterbury (which was orchestrated by Mumma Jones this afternoon. Via Pizza Express...more on that to come.)

Despite my numerous shenanigans over the weekend, I think my own personal highlight was me laying on my (recently turned off) GHD hair straighteners on Saturday morning. Its left a very attractive V shaped burn on my lower back that is extremely painful and unpleasant and looks something like this:

Sorry about the rubbish photo, as it turns out taking a photo of your own lower back is really frigging difficult! I nearly put my shoulder out trying to contort myself round to get a decent angle - such is my dedication to portraying the truth about my life on this blog. 

But yeah. Ouch.

Anyway - back to the rundown of me weekend! Mummy brought me back to Canterbury this afternoon, via Pizza Express where we enjoyed a very delicious meal. I was stuffed after my pizza, but I still found room for dessert.


This completely unnecessary but oh-so-enjoyable mass intake of calories brings me back to the actual point of this blog (and back down to Earth) with a rather sharp bump. I was very very naughty while I was at home and back at work, especially over the weekend. We're talking subway, cake, crisps, more cake, easter eggs, roast dinners, seconds, more cake, chocolate, ice cream and then some more cake for good measure (mum made a lemon victoria sponge type affair with miniature mini-eggs (yes, they exist!) and tiny little yellow fluffy chicks on it for decoration, and it would have been rude of me to have eaten anything less than three slices of it). This means that I've most definitely gained since my last meeting - I'm estimating anywhere in the region of 4-6lbs. Woops. As I already knew this was the situation before I got back to Canterbury, I decided to take full advantage of one more free meal before I was left to fend for myself again, and boy am I glad that I did. The cupboards are bare and the bank account is very deep into the red. Ahhh the joys of student life - looks like its dry pasta for me for the forseeable future! Can't wait...

Now that I am back at uni its also full steam ahead on revision as well, as my exams start two weeks from tomorrow. I have a few things to do tomorrow morning (including re-acquainting myself with the gym - is it sad that I'm excited by this?) and then I will be drawing up my fool-proof brainstorm, sorry 'mind-map', revision posters. Normally by now I would be freaking out over exams - the fact that I'm not either means that I'm very confident, or else very stupid. Personally I'm inclined to think it's the latter...

I'm going to go collapse in an exhausted heap in my bed now. Many apologies for the fact that this post reads like a diary entry - next time I promise to talk about something more interesting. Now I just have to cross my fingers that something interesting will happen to me between now and the next time I post....

Love to you all :) 
Lauren xxx


  1. we went to pizza express too last night. jenny ordered fudge cake for dessert. the waiter knows us because we go in a bit too often, and so when we said jenny had given up chocolate for lent so was looking forward to stuffing herself with the fudge cake, he brought her two huge door stop slices along with the ice cream - and only charged us for one. oh and she had a cappuccino with it too. it made me full just watching her!

  2. Just wanted to stop in and say hi! The picture of that dessert looked heavenly. :-)

    Jayme & Mendi


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