Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Weigh-In Post

Evening all!

For once I am actually getting round to blogging on the day of weigh-in, as opposed to three days after it! This is progress!

Well, weigh-in this morning revealed a loss of 1lb. At first I was disappointed, but I soon realised that 1lb is actually an achievement. I've still not been tracking, and in fact  haven't been pointing at all. I'm not even really eating proper meals some days and am just having toast or something snacky instead, so to have lost at all is a miracle! I'm also due on my 'lady-time' at the end of the week and as all women know (and as all men seem to disregard), this can massively affect your weight! I can gain anything up to 5lb during the build-up to this dreaded time of the month, so all things considered I'm very pleased with a 1lb loss! It also means that I'm now 0.5lb away from being back at my -3st mark which I got to originally in August - next week WILL be my week! I'm also 3lb away from my new 5% target, so the week after will be my week for that!

In light of my new-found determination to get to these mini-goals, I am now back on the wagon officially. This means tracking, planning meals and powering through with the gym. After two weeks of being on-again-off-again I've managed to get myself back into a decent routine and have been three times this week, as well as having another session on Friday morning planned. I may actually be enjoying it. Don't tell anyone though. I also bought an official Weight Watchers Tracker book to take with me everywhere, and my calculator and pocket guide has been permanently restored to my handbag. I'm deliberately not setting any weight goals at the moment, but I'm determined to be slimmer in time for summer as there's so much going on - the Kent Uni SummerBall for one! And I'm determined not to look like this ever again:

I would actually like to wear colour this year!

As well as the SummerBall, I also have my 21st to look forward to, as well as New York in October/November. There is nothing worse than fat birthday/holiday photos, so there's my motivation to keep going, be strong, and resist the chocolate/crisps/wine/takeaways...if only it weren't so yummy!

Unfortunately I have no further musings for this evening (which for the poor souls reading this is probably not so much unfortunate as it is a welcome relief from my incessant monologuing) so I will leave you with some pictures of moi for comparison purposes:

Me (and Heidi) on New Years Eve 2010

Me on 7th March 2011

Same outfit and same place, but please tell me I'm not the only one who can see the difference? My face just looks so much slimmer. Not slim, but slimMER. Particularly around the chin area. I only have two now, as opposed to four!! Amazing the difference a couple of months a 10lbs can make! I do wish I'd painted my nails before I went out though :/

Love to you all!!!
Lauren xxx


  1. I can definately see a difference :) Well done!

  2. i can see a difference too lovely. well done :-)


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