Saturday, 5 March 2011

Curry Club, Karaoke, Giant Sausages and Shutter Island.

An update from me, again! Not because its needed after a whole 36 hours of not posting, more because I can't sleep and clearly have nothing better to do with my time.

Curry Club with the boys on Thursday night was a roaring success. Considering the amount we paid for the food it was never exactly going to be the finest Indian cuisine, however my chicken balti was more than good enough. Plus, when its washed down with wine and warm chocolate fudge cake, who cares!? You can tell I was really concerned with my calorie consumption at the time, can't you?

After the food we wandered into one of the many pubs in Canterbury, which happened to be holding its monthly karaoke evening. Cue stirring renditions of Gold, Rappers Delight and Its Only Words from the boys while I filmed them. They were stunning. My camera work was not. After that we had more drinks at the boys house before I came home at around 4am this morning, collapsed into bed and slept until midday.

A brief venture into town this afternoon to prepare for my little soiree tomorrow (I'm cooking dinner for the girls) resulted in me buying several DVDs, one of which being Shutter Island.

I watched it this evening while inside my 'giant sausage' sleeping bag, which you may remember from a few posts back, and enjoying a glass of wine. I'm an immediate fan of the film, not least because Leo DiCaprio is a stunningly beautiful man. For anyone who hasn't seen it and would like to, you should leave the blog now, close internet explorer, run away, never come back here...just kidding, you should definitely come back. I'll try and give my opinion without too many spoilers in any case.

Like I said, immediate fan. Leo is amazing, as always, and I'm a big fan of Mark Ruffalo as well. The film actually reminded me a lot of A Beautiful Mind (for anyone who hasn't seen it, you must. Its fantastic and Russell Crowe is sublime) but slightly more disturbing. I thought the dream sequences were really well done and the fantasy aspect of the film wasn't too overplayed either. I also liked that, even though its set in a mental hospital, there weren't masses of scenes that involved horribly disfigured patients drooling and whispering to themselves in the corner. There was enough of the patients behaviour to keep you aware of where they were, but it wasn't the focus of the film. The plot twist definitely threw me, because I was expecting it to be more of a ghosty film as opposed to psychological, but I loved it. Like A Beautiful Mind, it shows the kind of things that people who suffer from mental illnesses go through. I appreciate that hospitalisation and treatment nowadays for mental illness is massively different to how it was in the 1950s, when the film is set, but the diseases themselves haven't changed that much. The human brain and what its capable of never ceases to amaze me, and I love films (and books) that show things like that, especially in the way this one does, because you never get to understand it in any other way. I also loved Leo's closing line - 'Which would be worse? To live as a monster, or to die as a good man?' It was the perfect way to end the film.

Ok, so theres my pointless rambling done for the day...hope everyone is good!

Loveloveloveeee x

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  1. i loved it too - like you i think its the fascination with how our mind can actually create a completely different version of reality. oh and i have a *big* leo crush. he is amaze...done so many good films! xx


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