Tuesday, 29 March 2011

All Aboard The F.O.M Express.

Hi readers! Once again I hail you from my second home - aka Templeman Library, Kent University. I've been on campus since about 9.30am and have been in the library since just after 10am....the day has literally flown by but at least I've managed to get some work done. I've now read a decent amount of critical material for one essay and have trawled through aforementioned 600 page beast of a book Invisible Man for quotes and page references - hopefully I can have a first draft done before I leave here today!! I'm struggling to stay any longer as I've been feeling rough all day and I'm supposed to be going out tonight for Sophie's birthday (Chinese food, mmmmm) but I don't know if I should push myself if I'm out tomorrow night as well. We'll see how I feel! I'm loathe to pass up the opportunity to eat Chinese food but if I'm just going to suffer for it, what is the point!?

Anyway, the reason for this post...F. O. M. Aka - Fit Older Men.


Grissom (and Sara....and honestly, I wouldn't say no to her either!) 



(NB - Doctor, two police officers, one spy and one spy/out and out badass. I clearly don't have any issues with men...)

I have always, and I mean always, had a thing for older men. And as you can tell, I don't limit the term 'older' to just ten or fifteen years older than myself - although I can think of a fair few thirty-somethings who I wouldn't say no to. I don't know what it is, but older men are just sexy. Over the last few weeks, my obsessions with the fifty-something male form has waned. Grissom is gone from CSI (although Greg and Nick are still around in the 30-something category....yuuuuum) and the new series of House isn't great so I've been denied my regular source of titillation - and have instead turned towards the youthful beauty of R-Pattz, James Lafferty, Zac Efron and the entire cast (including the girls and gays) of GLEE - plus various 'real' people purely because attractive 20-somethings are easier to find in my life than accomplished and sexy older men. Unless I want to start lusting after tweed-wearing left-wing lecturers. Which I don't.

All that has changed however, with the return to our screens of Waking the Dead. Trever Eve in all his grumpy, aggressive, politically-incorrect glory, with his casual disregard for rules and other peoples feelings - I can't think of anything sexier. He is a babe and I want to marry him. How come men get sexier when they get older, and women just go wrinkly and droopy? Its profoundly unfair.

As you can probably tell, there is no real 'point' to this post, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Weight Watchers (unless once I'm at goal Hugh, William, Trevor, Pierce and Liam all fall passionately in love with me and ask for my hand in marriage....a girl can dream) but googling photos of them and being girly about their sexiness is a pleasant way to spend a well-earned study break....particularly after 6 hours of reading about violence and racism in 1950s Harlem. Bleurgh.

Just so this post has something vaguely to do with what the blog is supposed to be about....
Week Two 'back on the wagon' has so far been a relative success, however I am thoroughly mortified that I've only managed to go to the gym once since my last weigh-in, as its been closed for four days for a refit. Again, I've tracked religiously and have come in under points most days, and I've only used 9 of my weekly points, but I feel like a sudden drop off the exercise radar is going to be damaging for me this week! Weigh-in is tomorrow at 10am so I guess I don't have that long to wait before I find out....a 0.5lb loss will bring me to -14lbs since I rejoined in January, so I'd be happy with that! Then tomorrow evening I shall be regaining it all through my huge alcohol intake for Sophie's big birthday night out at Venueeeeee :) VERY excited for lots of drinks and dancing with my favourites! I've even St. Tropez'd for the occasion! (anyone who has ever used the stuff will know that its offensively expensive and an inordinate amount of effort, but it has come out well so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much!)

Right, I think I've procrastinated enough for now! For anyone currently in the midst of what I have fondly termed 'essay hell', please enjoy the pictures above for as long as you can justify not working for. In fact, that goes for everyone!

Have a good one!
Lauren xxx

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