Thursday, 24 March 2011


Thats right folks, I'm finally back to my -3st mark!! I tracked religiously all last week and went to the gym four times, and obviously all this eating healthily and exercising works because I lost 4lbs!! I had expected a loss somewhere in the region of 2lbs off, so when my leader told me I'd dropped 4lbs I almost had an coronary! It means that not only did I get back to 3st AND get my new 5% goal, I'm also the lightest I've been in a really long time - for at least two years, if not more. Naturally I was ecstatic and I'm still struggling to keep the grin off my face now!

I must admit, despite being thrilled and having a new-found determination, my Weight Watchers halo did slip slightly yesterday evening when I cooked dinner for myself and the girls.

Will just point out that this obviously isn't a recent picture,
but its the best one I have of the four of us...and it saves it
from being a 'wordy' post :)

I cooked thai red chicken curry, and it was amazing, if I do say so myself! Its the first time I've cooked it by myself (Mumma Jones' recipe) and it was sooo easy so I'll definitely make it again. It was a tiny bit naughty though - if you ask me 19 propoints for a can of coconut milk is an absolute rip-off! And prawn crackers aren't that low either. Granted, nobody made me eat an entire bag of them, but that's not the point. Dinner was followed by a lovely dessert of homemade chocolate mousse and shortbread biscuits made by the girls, which was lush but again rather naughty! All told I ended up on 45 points for the day, meaning I only used 5 of my weekly points which I'm rather pleased about, as we're going out for Chinese next week for Sophie's birthday - very excited!!!

I'm also pleased to report that the dress from the previous post is a keeper - I wore it and everybody seemed to like it so the labels have been officially removed. Well, I say everybody liked it...the girls liked it. The boys just took the piss - but then, what else is new?

I've also finally finished this beast:

I was supposed to finish about a month ago but essays took precedence and so I didn't - it's an absolute monster of a 600 page book and words cannot express how glad I am to be finished with it. If it wasn't one of the core texts for my exams I wouldn't have bothered reading it!

On that note, I must now finish The Duchess of Malfi....oh the life of a student.

Love to everybody, hope your week is going ok!
Lauren xxx

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