Wednesday, 30 March 2011

It's Wednesdaaaaaaay.

Weigh-in this morning showed another 1lb loss, bringing me to a total of 46.5lbs off and 14.5lb since I rejoined in January. It doesn't sound like much, but after a kebab and McDonalds this week I don't think its too bad! I've only managed one gym session this week as well because the bloody place was closed for four days for a refit! Its opened again now so I will be hitting it up on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday in the hope that I can drop more than 1lb next week!

This is just a quick wi update from me, as I'm currently St Tropez'd up to the eyeballs in preparation for Sophie's birthday tonight. I'm also having a bit of a Supersize Vs Superskinny Kids catch-up on 4OD (and am sobbing my little heart out, naturally). The Weight Watcher in me hates this programme (well, the diet swap part anyway) but it is certainly enlightening - I wish someone had put their foot down when I was 14 or 15 and made sure something changed! Never mind, we live and learn!

Love to all my beautiful readers! Mwah!
Lauren xxx

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

All Aboard The F.O.M Express.

Hi readers! Once again I hail you from my second home - aka Templeman Library, Kent University. I've been on campus since about 9.30am and have been in the library since just after 10am....the day has literally flown by but at least I've managed to get some work done. I've now read a decent amount of critical material for one essay and have trawled through aforementioned 600 page beast of a book Invisible Man for quotes and page references - hopefully I can have a first draft done before I leave here today!! I'm struggling to stay any longer as I've been feeling rough all day and I'm supposed to be going out tonight for Sophie's birthday (Chinese food, mmmmm) but I don't know if I should push myself if I'm out tomorrow night as well. We'll see how I feel! I'm loathe to pass up the opportunity to eat Chinese food but if I'm just going to suffer for it, what is the point!?

Anyway, the reason for this post...F. O. M. Aka - Fit Older Men.


Grissom (and Sara....and honestly, I wouldn't say no to her either!) 



(NB - Doctor, two police officers, one spy and one spy/out and out badass. I clearly don't have any issues with men...)

I have always, and I mean always, had a thing for older men. And as you can tell, I don't limit the term 'older' to just ten or fifteen years older than myself - although I can think of a fair few thirty-somethings who I wouldn't say no to. I don't know what it is, but older men are just sexy. Over the last few weeks, my obsessions with the fifty-something male form has waned. Grissom is gone from CSI (although Greg and Nick are still around in the 30-something category....yuuuuum) and the new series of House isn't great so I've been denied my regular source of titillation - and have instead turned towards the youthful beauty of R-Pattz, James Lafferty, Zac Efron and the entire cast (including the girls and gays) of GLEE - plus various 'real' people purely because attractive 20-somethings are easier to find in my life than accomplished and sexy older men. Unless I want to start lusting after tweed-wearing left-wing lecturers. Which I don't.

All that has changed however, with the return to our screens of Waking the Dead. Trever Eve in all his grumpy, aggressive, politically-incorrect glory, with his casual disregard for rules and other peoples feelings - I can't think of anything sexier. He is a babe and I want to marry him. How come men get sexier when they get older, and women just go wrinkly and droopy? Its profoundly unfair.

As you can probably tell, there is no real 'point' to this post, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Weight Watchers (unless once I'm at goal Hugh, William, Trevor, Pierce and Liam all fall passionately in love with me and ask for my hand in marriage....a girl can dream) but googling photos of them and being girly about their sexiness is a pleasant way to spend a well-earned study break....particularly after 6 hours of reading about violence and racism in 1950s Harlem. Bleurgh.

Just so this post has something vaguely to do with what the blog is supposed to be about....
Week Two 'back on the wagon' has so far been a relative success, however I am thoroughly mortified that I've only managed to go to the gym once since my last weigh-in, as its been closed for four days for a refit. Again, I've tracked religiously and have come in under points most days, and I've only used 9 of my weekly points, but I feel like a sudden drop off the exercise radar is going to be damaging for me this week! Weigh-in is tomorrow at 10am so I guess I don't have that long to wait before I find out....a 0.5lb loss will bring me to -14lbs since I rejoined in January, so I'd be happy with that! Then tomorrow evening I shall be regaining it all through my huge alcohol intake for Sophie's big birthday night out at Venueeeeee :) VERY excited for lots of drinks and dancing with my favourites! I've even St. Tropez'd for the occasion! (anyone who has ever used the stuff will know that its offensively expensive and an inordinate amount of effort, but it has come out well so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much!)

Right, I think I've procrastinated enough for now! For anyone currently in the midst of what I have fondly termed 'essay hell', please enjoy the pictures above for as long as you can justify not working for. In fact, that goes for everyone!

Have a good one!
Lauren xxx

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Thats right folks, I'm finally back to my -3st mark!! I tracked religiously all last week and went to the gym four times, and obviously all this eating healthily and exercising works because I lost 4lbs!! I had expected a loss somewhere in the region of 2lbs off, so when my leader told me I'd dropped 4lbs I almost had an coronary! It means that not only did I get back to 3st AND get my new 5% goal, I'm also the lightest I've been in a really long time - for at least two years, if not more. Naturally I was ecstatic and I'm still struggling to keep the grin off my face now!

I must admit, despite being thrilled and having a new-found determination, my Weight Watchers halo did slip slightly yesterday evening when I cooked dinner for myself and the girls.

Will just point out that this obviously isn't a recent picture,
but its the best one I have of the four of us...and it saves it
from being a 'wordy' post :)

I cooked thai red chicken curry, and it was amazing, if I do say so myself! Its the first time I've cooked it by myself (Mumma Jones' recipe) and it was sooo easy so I'll definitely make it again. It was a tiny bit naughty though - if you ask me 19 propoints for a can of coconut milk is an absolute rip-off! And prawn crackers aren't that low either. Granted, nobody made me eat an entire bag of them, but that's not the point. Dinner was followed by a lovely dessert of homemade chocolate mousse and shortbread biscuits made by the girls, which was lush but again rather naughty! All told I ended up on 45 points for the day, meaning I only used 5 of my weekly points which I'm rather pleased about, as we're going out for Chinese next week for Sophie's birthday - very excited!!!

I'm also pleased to report that the dress from the previous post is a keeper - I wore it and everybody seemed to like it so the labels have been officially removed. Well, I say everybody liked it...the girls liked it. The boys just took the piss - but then, what else is new?

I've also finally finished this beast:

I was supposed to finish about a month ago but essays took precedence and so I didn't - it's an absolute monster of a 600 page book and words cannot express how glad I am to be finished with it. If it wasn't one of the core texts for my exams I wouldn't have bothered reading it!

On that note, I must now finish The Duchess of Malfi....oh the life of a student.

Love to everybody, hope your week is going ok!
Lauren xxx

Monday, 21 March 2011

Mumma Jones Comes To Canterbury

Happy Monday!!

I realise that 'happy' is not normally a word that most people associate with 'Monday', however I always tend to be in a good mood on Mondays, especially if I've had a good weekend. Which I have. It wasn't filled with massive amounts of alcohol and drugs and wild parties, as most people seem to think student weekends are - which is extremely good as my exams start in less than two months and the last thing I need at the moment is a hangover.

On Friday, Canterbury played host to a very special guest - my mummy!! She came down for the night and we had a lovely night out in town - first at the very yummy Ancient Raj restaurant (their prawn jalfrezi is actually superb) and then at a couple of pubs for a few glasses of wine for her, and some vodka and diet cokes for me. I will admit to having half a bottle of wine at dinner, but sometimes you've just got to. And anyway, I pointed EVERYTHING once we'd got in and even with the alcohol it only used up 32 of my 49 weekly points - good times! I was also fully intending to get some pictures of us but I forgot my camera - woops.

I was fully intending to get some work done on Saturday after mum had gone home, but it was too nice a day so I wandered into town instead. After taking back some (too big!!) purchases to New Look I found a dress in Dorothy Perkins that I quite like - light, summery, perfect day dress for the weather we're having at the moment. I got it, but I'm not too sure....

Thoughts?? I feel like it could be a bit 'mumsy' - although I have a feeling it would be fab with a bit of fake tan and some nice sandals!

After my little shopping spree I headed home for yummy home-made chicken kebabs, and then over to the boys for the last in the series of Take Me Out.

Paddy McGuinness has definitely grown on me!!! And I literally have no idea what I'm going to do on Saturday nights now the series has finished....hopefully it'll be back in a 'nicky nacky noo'!!!

Another gym sesh on Sunday morning and an afternoon spent in the library reading The Winter's Tale and Invisible Man, followed by sausage and mash and Waking the Dead last night and an amazing nights sleep brings us up to now!

The moral of this somewhat rambling story - weekends are possible on ProPoints! And I will leave you with that thought as I go make myself some porridge and tea and prepare for another afternoon in the library before my 3-6 lecture and seminar....the book for which I haven't so much as opened....oh dear!

Love to all! Have a good week!
Lauren xxxx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Weigh-In Post

Evening all!

For once I am actually getting round to blogging on the day of weigh-in, as opposed to three days after it! This is progress!

Well, weigh-in this morning revealed a loss of 1lb. At first I was disappointed, but I soon realised that 1lb is actually an achievement. I've still not been tracking, and in fact  haven't been pointing at all. I'm not even really eating proper meals some days and am just having toast or something snacky instead, so to have lost at all is a miracle! I'm also due on my 'lady-time' at the end of the week and as all women know (and as all men seem to disregard), this can massively affect your weight! I can gain anything up to 5lb during the build-up to this dreaded time of the month, so all things considered I'm very pleased with a 1lb loss! It also means that I'm now 0.5lb away from being back at my -3st mark which I got to originally in August - next week WILL be my week! I'm also 3lb away from my new 5% target, so the week after will be my week for that!

In light of my new-found determination to get to these mini-goals, I am now back on the wagon officially. This means tracking, planning meals and powering through with the gym. After two weeks of being on-again-off-again I've managed to get myself back into a decent routine and have been three times this week, as well as having another session on Friday morning planned. I may actually be enjoying it. Don't tell anyone though. I also bought an official Weight Watchers Tracker book to take with me everywhere, and my calculator and pocket guide has been permanently restored to my handbag. I'm deliberately not setting any weight goals at the moment, but I'm determined to be slimmer in time for summer as there's so much going on - the Kent Uni SummerBall for one! And I'm determined not to look like this ever again:

I would actually like to wear colour this year!

As well as the SummerBall, I also have my 21st to look forward to, as well as New York in October/November. There is nothing worse than fat birthday/holiday photos, so there's my motivation to keep going, be strong, and resist the chocolate/crisps/wine/takeaways...if only it weren't so yummy!

Unfortunately I have no further musings for this evening (which for the poor souls reading this is probably not so much unfortunate as it is a welcome relief from my incessant monologuing) so I will leave you with some pictures of moi for comparison purposes:

Me (and Heidi) on New Years Eve 2010

Me on 7th March 2011

Same outfit and same place, but please tell me I'm not the only one who can see the difference? My face just looks so much slimmer. Not slim, but slimMER. Particularly around the chin area. I only have two now, as opposed to four!! Amazing the difference a couple of months a 10lbs can make! I do wish I'd painted my nails before I went out though :/

Love to you all!!!
Lauren xxx

Friday, 11 March 2011

Lauren-Flu and The Dreaded Weigh-In Post...

Hi folks!

So this post really is nothing more exciting than to let you know how Wednesday went. I hopped onto the scales with a certain degree of confidence this week, because while I haven't been writing down what I've eaten, I also haven't really eaten that much. I appreciate that my last post was about curry club and a cider-and-wine bender, so allow me to qualify this statement.

This week, I've had a cold.

We've all heard of man-flu, and I'm sure everyone out there has experienced it - whether you're the XY monstrosity thats cowering under the covers and croaking for sympathy, or the woman who has to deal with the whinging while her boyfriend/dad/brother/housemate is 'dying'. Seems to me that a week doesn't go by when somebody I know (and yes, they are usually male) is ill. And far be it from me to jump on the feminist band-wagon (anyone who knows me know I am the furthest thing from a bra-burner out there - in fact I'd quite happily dance on the grave of Emmeline Pankhurst), but men do moan more than women. I can say that in all confidence because I have a dad, two brothers, a stepdad and a whole host of male-type cousins and should they so much as sneeze the world must come to an immediate stop.

When I have a cold, its not like that...its so much worse. In fact, when I'm ill at all, its so much worse. You should see me when I have a tummy bug. Anyone would think I had cholera. Maybe its because I am a hybrid of the female body and the male ego. Maybe its because whenever I was sick as a child I was sent to 'nanny's house' and was spoiled rotten for the duration of the cold/bug. Or maybe I'm just a drama queen - who knows!? Whatever the reason, the effect is the same. As soon as I sneeze, life as we know it comes to a halt and I immediately mainline massive doses of Beechams in an attempt to prevent the stuffy nose/streaming eyes look that is so popular among the diseased. Honestly, I've taken so many cold and flu medications this week that I've been stoned off my face most of the time. I should just point out, that despite the fact that I was 'dying', that I would 'never get better' because I was 'too ill' and my body 'just couldn't fight it any more', and that I would like to be cremated 'because I watch CSI and decomposition is so unattractive, did you know dead bodies go green?' and asserting whole-heartedly that 'Disco Inferno' should be played as I'm taken out of the crematorium (yes, I really did say all of those things...oh, the shame), I did manage to go out this week. Twice. The potent mixture of Beechams and vodka related in two messy nights of which I have few or no recollections. The less said the better if I'm honest. NOT my proudest moments.

Anyway, my 'disease' reared its ugly, snotty head on Monday. Cue sore throat, achey head, tired eyes and excessive sneezing fits, plus the tendency to rip out the throat of anyone who so much as looked at me funny. Needless to say, everything from lifting a glass of water to soothe my poor throat to getting up and going to the toilet was deemed 'too much effort'. This sentiment was extended to eating, because my bedroom is too far away from the kitchen and like hell was I getting out of my warm bed to make something. And even when I did venture downstairs (most of the time looking like a creature of the deep), the most I could be bothered to do was stick some bread in the toaster and peel a banana. Even that was a struggle.

My dramatics had a decent effect however, and resulted in weigh-in showing -2.5lbs. I am now just 1.5lb away from being back at the 3st mark, and 4lbs from my new 5% goal (calculated from what I was when I started again in January, not what I was originally). With any luck I can get my head around writing stuff down again and will be able to drop 4lb over the next two weeks! I'll keep you posted.

Big snogs!!
Lauren xxx

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Curry Club, Karaoke, Giant Sausages and Shutter Island.

An update from me, again! Not because its needed after a whole 36 hours of not posting, more because I can't sleep and clearly have nothing better to do with my time.

Curry Club with the boys on Thursday night was a roaring success. Considering the amount we paid for the food it was never exactly going to be the finest Indian cuisine, however my chicken balti was more than good enough. Plus, when its washed down with wine and warm chocolate fudge cake, who cares!? You can tell I was really concerned with my calorie consumption at the time, can't you?

After the food we wandered into one of the many pubs in Canterbury, which happened to be holding its monthly karaoke evening. Cue stirring renditions of Gold, Rappers Delight and Its Only Words from the boys while I filmed them. They were stunning. My camera work was not. After that we had more drinks at the boys house before I came home at around 4am this morning, collapsed into bed and slept until midday.

A brief venture into town this afternoon to prepare for my little soiree tomorrow (I'm cooking dinner for the girls) resulted in me buying several DVDs, one of which being Shutter Island.

I watched it this evening while inside my 'giant sausage' sleeping bag, which you may remember from a few posts back, and enjoying a glass of wine. I'm an immediate fan of the film, not least because Leo DiCaprio is a stunningly beautiful man. For anyone who hasn't seen it and would like to, you should leave the blog now, close internet explorer, run away, never come back here...just kidding, you should definitely come back. I'll try and give my opinion without too many spoilers in any case.

Like I said, immediate fan. Leo is amazing, as always, and I'm a big fan of Mark Ruffalo as well. The film actually reminded me a lot of A Beautiful Mind (for anyone who hasn't seen it, you must. Its fantastic and Russell Crowe is sublime) but slightly more disturbing. I thought the dream sequences were really well done and the fantasy aspect of the film wasn't too overplayed either. I also liked that, even though its set in a mental hospital, there weren't masses of scenes that involved horribly disfigured patients drooling and whispering to themselves in the corner. There was enough of the patients behaviour to keep you aware of where they were, but it wasn't the focus of the film. The plot twist definitely threw me, because I was expecting it to be more of a ghosty film as opposed to psychological, but I loved it. Like A Beautiful Mind, it shows the kind of things that people who suffer from mental illnesses go through. I appreciate that hospitalisation and treatment nowadays for mental illness is massively different to how it was in the 1950s, when the film is set, but the diseases themselves haven't changed that much. The human brain and what its capable of never ceases to amaze me, and I love films (and books) that show things like that, especially in the way this one does, because you never get to understand it in any other way. I also loved Leo's closing line - 'Which would be worse? To live as a monster, or to die as a good man?' It was the perfect way to end the film.

Ok, so theres my pointless rambling done for the day...hope everyone is good!

Loveloveloveeee x

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Hi all!

Ok, so after my rather lethargic and miserable post on Sunday, I am now feeling slightly more upbeat. Slightly. The essay that I was putting off at the time got finished and handed in on Monday afternoon (we won't talk about the fact that I'm now writing this post because I have another one due in next Monday that I don't want to do) and as soon as it was in the English office I felt so much better. The sensation that something was crushing my chest eased up and I felt far more optimistic, a feeling that I managed to maintain all of Tuesday and that was compunded by weighing in Wednesday morning with a 2.5lb loss - yay! Honestly, after the fortnight I'd had I was fully expecting a gain in the region of 5lb. I actually did a double-take. Like a full-on, comedy, Carry On film double take. The other ladies there were very amused.

Almost as amused as my friends were by this:

I get the privelege of wearing this little beauty every Wednesday morning because I help out at the meetings. In fact what I actually do is weigh people, meaning I've now got a much broader insight into the whole issue. There are people there who weigh nothing near what I'd expect them to weigh. Some people are much heavier than I would expect them to be judging on how they look, and some people are much lighter. This revelation got me thinking about things and has made me realise that people get too caught up on the numbers when in reality what the scales say rarely dictate what size you or how you look are physically. When I tell (a select few) people how much I weighed at my heaviest and how much I weigh now, I get genuine shock from most of them because they would have have dreamed it was that much (Yes, I was heavy enough to cause shock. That should give a fair indication of the state I was in.) So while I have a rough idea of the number I'd like to see on the scales, I know getting there isn't the be-all and end all. If I get to the point where I'm a stone above that, but I like how I look, then thats where I'll stay. Likewise if I get there and want to lose more then I'll carry on. (I'm talking well in advance here, because lets be honest, I'm getting nowhere fast.)

Another thing thats got me pondering this week is relationships and our ideas about them. Our relationship with the idea of relationships, if you will. A lot of people my age seem to be obsessed with the idea of relationships. People seem to want to be in one just for the sake of being able to say that they are, which I find a) pathetic and b) ridiculous. Let me make myself clear - I am not in any way, shape or form saying that I don't want a relationship. I do. Everyone does (although I'll be the first one to admit that the idea of being in a relationship terrifies me - if you'd met my ex, you'd understand). But I can't think of anything worse than being in a relationship just for the sake of being able to introduce somebody as 'my boyfriend'. Surely we should be content enough in ourselves to not need that? I'm by no means an expert, with my one semi-serious disaster and my subsequent string of 'we're just seeing eachother's. Nor do I pretend that I've got guys banging down my door to ask me to be in a relationship with them, because that's simply not the case (Fat chick, remember?). But even if that was the case, it takes something more than that. To me being in a relationship is about having a connection with somebody. Its not about your relationship status on facebook or the fact that 'all your friends are in one', its about how you and that other person feel about eachother. You can't just go to a bar/club/pub or wherever else and simply choose somebody from a shelf with whom to share the most intimate parts of your life, not to mention your body. Relationships aren't just based on seeing something you like, although of course that is a huge part of it. They're about chemistry, respect, attraction, communication, trust. You have to trust somebody else with your own happiness. And you yourself have to be responsible for theirs. Its a big ask if you're only with someone because all your friends are doing it, or if you're just in it to get laid, and it just ends in someone getting hurt. Not only that, but it undermines the sanctity of all the people out there who are in real, caring relationships and the people who want to be.

I feel after all that profound insight I should have some kind of comical sign-off. Any Glee fans will understand when I say that I'm looking for something along the lines of 'That's how Sue C's it', however I have nothing as fun and original as that. I promise to work on it though!

For now I must go and prepare myself for an evening of Wetherspoons Curry Club frolics with my lovely future housemates&co.

Love to you all :) xxxx