Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Infamous New Years Res List

I've been avoiding doing this post since Saturday for one reason and one reason only - I didn't know what I wanted my New Years Resolution/s to be. Well today, I finally decided.

Resolution #1: I will not have a single gain between now and the time of my birthday.

I turn 21 on the 15th September. I'm deliberately not stating a specific amount of weight that I would like to lose before then because when goals aren't met it just results in disappointment. Instead I am resolving to simply have no gains. If I lose or stay the same then great.

Resolution #2: I will be better with my finances.

This involves setting out a budget and sticking to it, starting to pay off some of my debts and that way, hopefully, I can start to decrease my overdraft before I graduate.

Resolution #3: I will be more organised and pro-active with uni work.

I make this resolution at the beginning of every term, but after the near-breakdown of last term I'm hoping something has clicked in my brain and I can start to do reading/essays as they're set, as opposed to the day before they're due.

Resolution #4: I will stop biting my nails... of NOW. Its unattractive and unpleasant and my hands look gross because of it. I've always bitten my nails, always, just once I would like to have nice hands.

Other mini resolutions include moisturising and taking care of my skin, reading more books, watching more films, and visiting more places.

I'll keep you posted on how it all goes.

Lauren xxx

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