Monday, 3 January 2011

I Hate Humanity.

Ok, so the title of this post may seem overly angry and pessimistic, even for me. But I assure you I have good reason to be so bitter.

'What,' you may ask, 'what could possibly be so bad that you could possibly hate the whole of humanity?'

Well, I'll tell you.

Bluewater in the sales!!!!!

Enough said.

Bluewater...ahhh Bluewater. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this establishment, it is the giant shopping centre located near the Dartford Bridge...and it is hell on Earth at the best of times. As its located around ten minutes from my Dad's house its been a regular haunt of mine since I was 14, when I moved over here from Essex. It's seen as something prestigious, the jewel in the crown of Kent. Because, lets face it, what else have we got going for us? Often, when trying to describe to someone where my Dad lives (ie, in the arsehole of nowhere), I have used the phrase 'It's near Bluewater', to which I invariably recieve a response like 'Oooh, aren't you lucky, I love Bluewater, its lovely there!' Which I'm sure it would be, had I not spent every weekend for about five years there, as well as working there five days a week while I was in my first year of 6th Form. Now I hate it. Just the name of the place brings me out in a cold sweat.

Like I said, Bluewater, to me, is diabolical on the best of days. The only time I can stand going is at about 11am on a weekday morning, or late on a weekday evening. And never, ever, will I step foot in the place between November 15th and February 1st. Today, I made an exception. Not only did I go to Bluewater during this dreaded 'festive' period, but I went on a bank holiday at 3pm. As soon as the bus got stuck in traffic when we were only halfway there I knew it was a mistake of epic proportions. Only once I got there did I realise that the cocking VAT goes up tomorrow and the whole place was filled with absolute lunatics running around with a mad gleam in their eyes, buying things that they don't really need before they have to pay an extra 2.5% that they won't really notice they've paid. I had to queue for twenty minutes in M&S to buy a pair of leggings because the whole place was filled with middle-aged women stocking up on twinsets and bemoaning the 'tory scum government' for jacking up the VAT.

(No comment on that little gem except BLAME LABOUR!)

Anyway, back to my anger...I am a person who won't sale-shop. I would literally rather pay full-price than go raking through racks and racks of clothes looking for something remotely attractive in my size that I'll never wear. I just cannot be bothered with it. The other 40 million people in Bluewater today did not share this view, and they were getting in my way, taking up my time and making me very irate. Particularly the ones who had brought their poor children along with them, because the brats just scream the whole time and make everyone else miserable as well as the long-suffering parents. LEAVE THEM AT HOME. All this for the sake of buying something that you will never use/wear/look at again, for 20% less than it was before. Its madness and it makes me angry.

*breathes deeply*....Right, rant over.

Now, for the reason I went to aforementioned hell-hole in the first place....Nandooooo's! :) I met Danielle and went for dinner and a catch-up, which was lovely. I also managed to battle my way through the crowds in Paperchase (best shop ever!) to buy a shiny new notebook to track in - day one of Weight Watchers 2011 starts here. Obviously I went massively over at Nando's - thats a given - but having just added up everything I've eaten today I've come in having used 25 of my weekly points. Given the amount I ate, thats not bad! After the gain over Christmas I'm now on 43 points a day, plus my 49 weekly points. I won't be going to any meetings until I get back to uni and start going to the Wednesday morning meetings in Canterbury, but as thats only two weeks away I'm hoping I can keep myself on the wagon until then. I can't believe I've been stuck in the same stone, bouncing up and down, since August. Its getting to be beyond a joke now! Plus I have a wedding to go to on the 19th January and it would be nice if I could ditch at least half a stone by then. Its just under a month so I don't think thats too ambitious - we'll have to see.

Lauren xxx

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