Sunday, 12 December 2010

Step Away From The Chocolate.

Hey readers! I've just noticed that my numbers have crept up to 10 - double figures, ooooh. I know its not much and I'm hardly changing the world, but I truly appreciate you reading my (for the most part) non-sensical (is that even a word?!) ramblings! So thanks :)

I would like to apologise for lack of posts recently, its been a bit of a hectic few days. There have been a few things over the last week or so that have resulted in me being a very smiley girl this evening. Firstly I bumped into a guy I'd met at the beginning of term last weekend, he took my number and we went for drinks this week. It was a really nice evening and he's a lovely guy but I don't know if it will go further. I am in for massive judgement here from all (and rightly so) because part of me is put off by the fact that he's a bit of a leftie - and even more so by the fact that he was on the anti-cuts protests the other week. In all fairness if we'd really clicked and had the fireworks and the sparks and everything I'd be prepared to overlook the politics, but at the moment I don't quite like him enough to justify that. We'll see how it goes.

The other thing thats put a grin on my face is spending last night with two of my favourite girls from back home, Katy and Caitlan. We had a wicked night consisting of vodka, X Factor, miniature-based foods and slightly offensive amounts of chocolate! Can't remember the last time I laughed so much, it was well overdue and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them and just giggling over nothing, for example my likeness to a sausage whilst in my sleeping bag:

I don't care what anyone says, I think its very fetching!
After our evening of silliness we decided to go for a Spoons roast dinner this afternoon. Taking that into account as well as the chocolate, crisps, mini-foods and alcohol I reckon I've consumed about three weeks worth of calories in 24 hours.

The other thing thats made me VERY happy is this little beauty has just won the X Factor 2010!!

Absolutely loving his winners single (cover of Biffys 'When We Collide' - gorgeous!) but not as much as I'm loving his First Time Ever I Saw Your Face or Knights In White Satin. I do hope those links work by the way, I'm too technologically stupid to know how to embed videos, I'm going to ask my housemate Natalie how to though. Incidentally, you can check out her blog here - I'm very impressed already. Anyway, back to Matt - he's brought some X Factor glory back to Essex and is definitely the deserving winner. The other contestants were very talented but he's struggled for ages so I think he totally deserves it :) Plus he's gorgeous. There is actually only one other man who I find more attractive than him right now, and THAT is saying something.

There's now only one week of term left and there is definitely a sense of panic in the air over deadlines and exams. I have two essays due in on Friday, one of which I'm hoping to get done and dusted tomorrow, and then I am eagerly awaiting a very messy last night of term. I have a not-so-subtle plan that I'm going to put into action that night, with my reasoning being that if it blows up in my face I can a) blame the booze and b) hide at my mothers for a month licking my wounds before I have to take any responsibility. Coward? Me? Never. 

I am also hoping that at some point over the next few weeks I will be able to get my head back in the weight watchers game, otherwise Christmas is going to be a very tricky time. Well, any time spent at my mothers house is tricky, but when she has full license to fill the house with food and booze its going to be a mare. To the extreme!

I'm off for bath and bed now so I can get up (reasonably) early and get to the library. Happy days! 

Lauren :) xxx

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