Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Day

So, it is officially December, and the universe seems to have celebrated by emptying a load of horrid white stuff all over Britain!!

The above is a photo of my Dads back garden that I stole from my sisters Facebook. They've got over a foot there but here in Canterbury we only have a few inches. I will take the opportunity to say now that I am extremely accident prone and therefore am avoiding leaving the house at all costs, for fear of falling over and breaking my leg/arm/neck (if anyone could do it, it'd be me...)

Unfortunately the weather means that the Wednesday morning meeting I had been planning to attend was cancelled and so I couldn't weigh in. I've just had a sneaky look on my scales and they seem to think I've lost another 1lb, fantastic news! I don't know how accurate they are in relation to the Weight Watchers scales, but its going in the right direction at least!!

I'm also feeling better over the last couple of days than I have for a few weeks (despite a horrifying headache yesterday morning). I've felt really run down for ages but I'm starting to get some energy back, I think a lot of that is eating properly. I just need to step up the exercise now but I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to manage that for the time-being!

Like I said, I'm avoiding leaving the house at all costs until the weather has cleared up, so I've been doing all my reading at home. And by that I mean I've been neglecting my reading and listening to the script and the fray on spotify, and re-reading Harry Potter instead. Bad times. I really must do some work now!!

Lauren xxx

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