Saturday, 6 November 2010

X Factor and Choclit Cheesecakeeee....Mmmmm

Hello beautiful people!

As promised, some new pictures from my adventures in Canterbury! These were taken on Emma's birthday night out at the works...sadly Emma was not present because she was so ill! Poor lamb!

Natalie, Me, Katie and Catherine.

Me and Natalie :)

Me and Jon, this picture was taken towards the end of the night (obviously) when they put the smoke machine on overdrive. For some reason it really makes me laugh.

I appreciate that none of these are great shots in terms of the neck down/what I'm wearing, but for anyone who is interested I was wearing a black shift dress from New Look (the link is no longer on the website, but it was a steal, £18.99!), black suede wedge boots, also from New Look (again, no link, but they were £24.99) with a denim shirt and a gold necklace from Dorothy Perkins. I'd also just had my hair cut and dyed, groovy false eyelashes and hooker-red nails. Don't scrub up too bad for a fat bird! ;)

Last time I posted, I was battling through my Elizabethan Drama essay. Good news is, I got it finished and submitted. It was definitely not my best work but at least it was finished, I'm hoping it will scrape a 2:2 but we'll have to wait and see. Bad news is, I'm now severely injured! I fell over (like a foooool) on Friday and have done something to my ankle. I was hoping it was just a sprain but it doesn't seem to be getting better so dad is picking me up tomorrow to take me home and then I'm off to Broomfield hospital to have it looked at. Its the same ankle I've broken twice before and I'm praying its not busted again because I really don't want to spend the next two months in a cast up to my knee! Anyway, I've spoken to my seminar leader for the other module and he's offered me a concessionary deadline so I can hand the essay in next week after I've been to the hospital. Means I have an extra day or two to make sure its decent work, which is good.

Anyway, due to the poorly ankle, I have been stuck in all weekend and am currently missing the fireworks. I'm sat in with X Factor and chocolate cheesecake (not so good for Weight Watchers, but I so don't care right now!) The only thing that's keeping me sane right now is the prospect of going home tomorrow and seeing the family. For some reason I've really missed them over the last couple of weeks! (Don't tell them I said that though...)

It should be a good week because its mum and nans birthday on Wednesday so there should be plenty going on. The big night out is on Friday and I've even gone so far as to order a new outfit from ASOS. I've never ordered from there before so I'm hoping the sizes come up ok! I'm actually having a bit of a love affair with ASOS Curve at the moment but I'm going to wait to see how their sizes come up before I do a massive order. I have a feeling they may be too big, especially on top, because their smallest size is a 20 and most of my stuff is a 16 now. Oh well, trial and error it is then!

I'm not really sure what else there is to report at the moment, my life has very much consisted of essays and injuries for the last three days...rubbish! Hopefully I'll have more news and pictures for you over the next few days, plus some pictures as well :)

Lotsa looooveeee

Lauren xxx

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