Monday, 15 November 2010


Hey guys! I'm baaaaaaack.

As you can see from my above picture I am back in true Fat Fighters style. I went to the meeting in Chartham and weigh-in was a bit of a shock, but in a good way. I've gained about half a stone, meaning since I started in January I've lost 2.5st. I've picked a goal weight that would put my at a BMI of 23.9, which is towards the upper end of the scale, and it means I have around 5st to lose. Its not particularly ambitious in terms of my BMI range but if I get to goal and want to lose more I have that option. I just don't want to set my goal too low and not get there and end up disheartened. Plus I'm broad shouldered and have wide hips and I don't want to lose too much and end up grossly out of proportion!

Anyway, back to the issue at hand - ProPoints. I now have a daily points allowance of 42 as opposed to 26, plus a weekly allowance of 49 for 'extras' (what I will hereafter refer to the Fun Fund). There is no more saving points over the week, that's what the Fun Fund is for and it can be used however you want - all in one hit, or over a few days, on alcohol, chocolate, eating out, whatever you want. Naturally the value of food has gone up in accordance with the value of points - for example 200g of prawns, used to be 4 points (off the top of my head) and is now 6 ProPoints. Its changed because its based on new science. Whereas points were based on calories and saturated fat, ProPoints are based on protein, carbohydrates, fibre and total fat, and is to do with the rates your body processes each of these in relation to the others...its all a bit faffy and scientific but it makes sense and seems to work, everyone at the class I went to this week had lost. One woman had lost 6.5lb. In a week! I want to know her secrets!

I think it will definitely take some time to get used to because its just an entirely new plan. Its the same as going to Weight Watchers to Slimming World really (don't tell anyone I said that, us Weight Watchers despise Slimming World...) but I think its exactly what I need. I had got so complacent with points on the old system and I just need a complete reboot to get myself back in the game. I'm just going to do an online shop now and make sure all my meals (well, at least dinners) are planned for the week. I'm going to save all my Fun Fund for Saturday night (the house party!) so I don't have to worry about drinks and the inevitable 2am takeaway. 

Before I go, just wanted to post this photo - 

It has absolutely no relevance to Weight Watchers (although this was just after I'd got to my 3st off mark so I was at my smallest I've been for a long time) but look how long my hair was!!! I had forgotten it got that long before I had to have it all chopped off (note to self - do not, I repeat, DO NOT, go a year and a half without a proper haircut, because your split ends will end up reaching your roots!) I'd love to have it this long again and now that its actually in decent condition I can start growing it out properly. Should only take about three years....

I'm off to peruse my new Weight Watchers folder now and try to get to grips with it all. Will post tomorrow to let you know how my first day went :)

Lauren xxx

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