Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Life of a Student...

If I'd known that University was such hard work, I wouldn't have bothered!

I'm currently sat in the library, in the 'silent' section, where people seem to think its acceptable to just not be silent, at all, ever. Morons. I'm just having a little break from essay writing as even though I'm only about 650 words in, its entirely possible that this little bugger is going to kill me. And this is just essay number 1! I'm planning to get this one done today and start the other one tomorrow, meaning I'll have four days to get it written and submitted. Then I have four days before I go home to my mummy for the weekend. Yay!

While I'm here, procrastinating, I must apologise for lack of fat-fightersness this week. I've stayed exactly the same, which is naughty, because I need to lose lose loseee! But somehow eating right and exercising gets exponentially more difficult when you're sat in front of a computer for 12 hours straight.

There is also no exciting news to report elsewhere - what a thrilling life I do lead eh? - but I do have some pictures to upload from Monday. I would do them now, but as I said I'm in the library and they're on my laptop, which is at home, etc.

I think I'm going to be very naughty now and sneak off for a cigarette before I try and write the next couple of hundred words - its just going soooo slowly! :'( And I hate Elizabethan Literature...a lot. Grrrrrr.

On the brightside I get lots of opportunities for people watching while I'm staring vacantly around the library trying to come up with something even vaguely coherent to write about....there are a lot of misconceptions about university students, but there is one stereotype thats bang-on. We really are a bunch of misfits!

Lauren xxx

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