Thursday, 11 November 2010

I'm Rubbish.

I fail. At life. At uni. At Weight Watchers.

Just at everything, in general.

I have not done the essay, although I am starting to make headway on it now. Well, I understand the question at least. I know university is supposed to be challenging, but should it really be this difficult? I'm beginning to think I made a colossal mistake to be honest. Well, three colossal mistakes. Wrong course, wrong uni, wrong reasons.

I've also been a rubbish fat fighter. Too much curry, cake, alcohol, pizza express and Ben and Jerrys. I've just seen the video of the Weight Watchers fashion show on facebook and its made me feel all inspired to do better (my friend and fellow blogger Hannah is in it - check out her blog!). When I get back to uni on Monday I'm going to do a big healthy shop, plan meals, track religiously and start a proper exercise plan, rather than just doing it as and when I feel like it.

On the bright side (many apologies for being so bloody miserable lately by the way, I will try to be happy soon!) my outfit came from ASOS. It all fits fine and looks very nice so I think I will definitely pass for a night out on the town on Friday - really looking forward to it! While browsing through some websites over the last day or so I have also found a few new items to be added to my A/W wish-list....for example the Blue Velvet Dress and the Black And Ivory Polka Dot Dress from the Beth Ditto At Evans collection. I also have a massive crush on their Lace Studded Ankle Boots. I'm loving the Mesh Panel Leggings from ASOS Curve as well, and their Printed Playsuit although I'm not sure its really me. Gabi from Young Fat And Fabulous (she really is!) rocked it but I don't think I could pull it off!

Anyway, those are some of my current wish-list items. They will remain wish-list until I find the money to buy them (although for those boots I might flash the credit card...we'll see!) I'm off to bed now to revel in dreams of Armie Hammer (hot guy from Social Network - a 6'4 rower is never a bad thing.)


Lauren xxx

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