Sunday, 28 November 2010

'After all, life is too short to be anything but happy.'

I stumbled across the above on a blog I read every now and again, and it struck home. Particularly the last part. I know I tend to focus too much on the negative things that happen in life, I think maybe its a family thing. I've been going through one of my depressive phases over the last couple of weeks which is not helped by my natural pessimism, but I can feel myself perking up as we speak and I'm going to try to be more positive about things from now on. Because moaning won't fix anything. 

You may have noticed its Sunday and I'm not reporting on weigh-in...its because I didn't go. Dad and George came down today, took me to Sainsburys and then for fish and chips in Herne Bay and we walked around and had a walk round Whitstable as well. It was SO cold and by the time I got home I didn't fancy walking to the train station in the freezing cold again just to be told I've put on 1lb (yes yes yes, I weighed myself at home, I'm a bad fat fighter.) And that 1lb is before the huge portion of fish and chips. Eeeeek. I'm actually thinking of changing my meeting to one on Wednesday morning. The one I go to at the moment is a train ride away and its cold and dark and just not convenient. I'm going to go to the Wednesday one this week and see what I think first before I make any decisions though. Will keep you posted!

Other than my day with the family today I've had a very low-key weekend. Lots of reading and watching films and chilling out. And sleeping off my bad mood. I've got a meeting with my seminar leader at 9.15am (!!!!) tomorrow to discuss my next essay, then a day in the library before my lecture and seminar between 3 and 6. Happy days! Plan to be properly back on the wagon from tomorrow, I'm even taking a packed lunch with me so I'm not seduced by the library cafe! That, my friends, is forward planning.

I'm off now, many apologies for the boring update this evening...I lead a boring life, what can I say!? Ahh the perils of being a poor student....:'(

For now, I will leave you with these gems...

Enjoy your evening all!

Lauren xxx

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