Sunday, 10 October 2010

Terrible Blogger!!

I can only apologise, I am a terrible blogger and have been greatly neglectful over the last month. Its taken a while to get back into the swing of uni, Weight Watchers and socialising but I'm getting back into it all now, after a 5lb gain. EEEEK. Hoping that being super-good this week will shift a couple of those and then all will be well :)

I'm absolutely loving uni and being in the house, although there have been some teething problems with the boys and cleanliness but it has definitely been better over the last couple of days. Uni is amazing as well, and I'm enjoying it sooo much more this year because the course is so much more interesting! I only have six contact hours a week which is a bit of a bitch because it means I only have two days a week on campus, and I get really bored so I've been spending a lot of time in the library. It means I'm getting more work done so I guess that's really a good thing.

I'm also enjoying the social side of things much more this term (could be something to do with being 3st lighter???) and I have been out of the house wearing shorts and a bodycon skirt which is daunting to say the least!! As I've been neglecting this blog so badly for almost a month (!!) I will upload some pics from the last few weeks. As I said I haven't lost any weight but the difference between now and eight months ago is scary!

None of these photos are great but they're the best I can do on short notice :)

This photo was taken on my 20th at the Wetherspoons in town. I apologise for the hair!!

I love this photo!! It was taken during Welcome Week when we helped out welcoming the new Freshers to uni life. LOVING the t-shirts, they're fabulous, aren't they?!

This little beauty was taken at the re-opening of the Works on the first day of term. It was insanely busy and I was already a little worse for wear but it was a wicked night!

Thats all from me for now because Heidi is here for the weekend and she needs to be fed!

Lauren xxx

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