Sunday, 24 October 2010


Hi everyone.

Before I start, an apology to anyone reading this, it seems this blog has turned into a massive monologue. Half the time it feels like I'm dictating whats going through my mind at any given moment. Least I'm being honest though.

To anyone not reading this, I can't say I blame you. Good call.

Anyway. Moving onnnn :)

I'm unsure, being the total loser I am, whether or not I mentioned my new job in previous posts. I'm pretty sure I didn't. Its nothing amazing, just a few hours a week at the uni nightclub but its still pennies!! At the moment I'm just bar support and training but after Christmas the hours will change and I'll be on the bar itself, which could be interesting! I've done bar work before but that was at a tiny golf club back home, so nothing like a club full of pissed up students.

Other than work I've actually had a very pleasant weekend. My shopping trip on Friday was at least partially successful and I came home with three tops and a pair of wannabe Uggs (New Look, £16. Winner.) Hopefully I'll have some pics up of some of my new outfits other the next week or so :) Then I had a lovely night in with the housemates which involved a huge steak and a lot of chocolate. Not so good for Weight Watchers but it was a wicked night. Then yesterday I had another trip into town yesterday with Mummykins. We both bought dresses in Dorothy Perkins but mine is going back sadly, its farrrr too shapeless, it just makes me looks boxish. Never a good look for a fat girl. We also had Pizza Express, which was amazing but rather naughty tbh. Still, totally worth it!

Now, the sharper tacks among you may have noticed the title of this post. Normally when there's something on my mind I launch straight into it but I'm trying to gather my thoughts on this one because tbh, I don't really know what I think about the situation. And without knowing what I think about the situation I have to try to decipher what three other people think about the situation. Again, this is very much me monologuing but 9 times out of 10 writing it down helps me clear my head, so here goes.

Obviously, there's a guy. Well, actually, there are two guys. At the moment nothing has happened with either of them. Well, nothing more than a kiss at least. Where it gets complicated is that one of the guys is my friends ex. I know that I like him, and I know he's interested as well. But there's a code!! And, how the hell am I supposed to broach that subject with my friend? I can't. I'd be mortified. So would she! She'd say it was ok, it wouldn't be, bad things would happen. You know the drill. I can't do that to her.

Now the other guy...eurgh. He's hot. Again, its complicated. I know him from uni, he was in one of my wild module seminars last year but we've only just got talking properly. But I just can't seem to figure him out. We talk most days, and there's always mass innuendo and banter and sarcasm on both sides, but I can't figure out whether we're two eight year olds pulling each others hair in the playground, or whether we do genuinely annoy each other. He irritates the life out of me but I don't know whether thats pent-up sexual tension or genuine annoyance. There are never any clues, he'll say things and then not follow them up, etc etc. To be honest I think he just enjoys toying with me. Plus, I hate his friends. They're idiots. Eurgh, men. Part of me wants to put the 3st back on because while I may not be swimming in offers at the moment, I had absolutely none then! It was definitely easier!

Anyway, so there is my dilemma. Do I actually like him? And if I do, what am I supposed to do about it when he talks in code all the time? And if anything does happen, how am I supposed to deal with tweedle-dee, tweedle-dum, tweedle-dumber and tweedle-fucking-twat? Can I not hire someone to make these decisions for me??

If anyone wants to apply for the job, let me know!

Right, I'm off to the library...on a Sunday...nice.

Lauren xxx

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