Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bit Of Only Fools...

Ok. You're going to laugh. Which I can't say I blame you for, because it is funny.

I think my hair is falling out!!!

Not like proper falling out you understand, not in clumps, but like...shedding. I feel like a bunny rabbit who is losing her winter coat. Except that I'm losing my summer hair??? It makes no bloody sense! I had it all cut off on Tuesday, there is nothing left of it! All the ratty split ends are gone, but its still coming out in my hands. And don't even talk to me about brushing it, its a nightmare! Eurgh. EURGH EURGH EURGH. I think its because I'm stressed. Because I am so stressed. Can you tell???

Now that my hairy little problem is out in the open, I can move on. This is going to be another boring rambly internal monologue post I'm afraid. Food wise this week hasn't been great, so weighing in tomorrow should be interesting. I don't think I've gone massively over, but I haven't tracked and that is always a recipe for disaster. Plus as we speak I'm sitting here munching on a bowl of pop-corn, which isn't helping. It hasn't got sugar on it...but still. Not really the point. Having said that, I've had a bit of a film night tonight and you can't have one of those without munchies so I think I'm justified! I watched the new Robin Hood with Emma...Russell Crowe is uh-mazing. Why can't all men look like that? He's massive! And all beardy and rugged. Mmmmmm. Just so I don't sound like a total swooning girl, can I just say the film is wicked as well! Now me and Natalie are watching the first Harry Potter film...I'm so loving little Radcliffe, Grint and Watson....ahhhhh :) I'm fully aware that I should be doing something productive with my time, but fuck it. I'll get round to it. I've had a stressful day.

As for the other stuff that I mentioned in my last post, nothing to report! I still can't figure out if I'm interested or, more to the point, if he is. Honestly, I'm too old for this shit! Why can't it just be easy? I seem to be having the same conversation over and over recently with several of my friends, boys and girls, and we've all said exactly the same thing. We like someone, but we can't tell them because we don't think they'll reciprocate. And if they don't reciprocate, it will be embarrassing. And I know thats all true, but what I'm beginning to wonder is - why? Why is it embarrassing to like someone? Surely liking someone is a good thing? Its a nice feeling, and sure when people don't return the feelings its unpleasant, but how much of that is actually hurt feelings and how much of it is embarrassment because you told them? Its so frustrating. I don't understand how telling someone how you feel came to be seen as a weakness or something to be ashamed of. Especially as, if the person you like is a good person, they're not going to make a big deal out of it. If they do make a big deal then they're obviously not worth liking, right? Am I making any sense?? Probably not.

Oh, and one more anyone reading this blog who, in a few days, might decide to misinterpret what I've said and use it against me...I'll make you a deal. Ask me anything you want, and I'll answer honestly. 100% honestly. Because I'm so sick of the drama and mocking.
You know who you are :)

Lauren xxx

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