Friday, 3 September 2010

WW Online - WI 1

-2lbs, woooooop!

So pleased to have lost this week after just three days on track! Hopefully I will see another 2lb off this week so I can be back to 16 11.5 before I move back down to Uni next Sunday :) I'm hoping I do because I'm feeling very down after a horrifying trip to New Look. I know New Look sizes always come up quite small but NONE of the clothes fit me, at all :'( all the jeans I tried were grotesquely camel-toe, muffin-top yuckiness, which is quite disheartening. But still, onwards and upwards, and lets hope in a few weeks they'll fit a bit better! Hopefully having my hair done tomorrow will make me feel better - planning a cut and colour because my hair is looking a bit dull and ratty.

Sadly today was my last day working at the Tower :'( chances are I'll be back at half-term and Christmas though so thats ok. I really enjoy working there, everyone is really nice and we all have a laugh. Plus the money is quite nice as well...!

I'm also pleased the report that I am officially a planner-aheader. I'm going out tomorrow with some old school friends as an early birthday thing, we're going to the curry house near my dads. I'm planning to have Prawn Dhansak (16pts) and plain basmati rice (4pts). I'm also going to stick to vodka and diet coke and be extra good during the day. If I go over then its not the end of the world, I'll just save some points up during the week :)

Blog Challenge Day 8

Short term goals for this month:

Stay on track and get back into some good weight watchers habits
Sort out my new room at uni so its homely and comfortable
Get started on my reading lists so I don't fall behind when lectures start
Get into a good exercise routine

Hmm...I think those are all of my short-term goals for now...if I set anymore they'll never get done!

Lauren xxx

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