Thursday, 2 September 2010

Blog Challenge Day 7

A picture of something or someone that has the biggest impact on me.

Being the rebel that I am, I'm not going to post a picture, because I am a very firm believer in being the master of your own destiny. As such. I believe that the someone or something that has the biggest impact on me is me. There is no point doing something for someone elses benefit because it will never be achieved. You have to do things for yourself.

The best example of this I can think of is my attempt to lose weight. My mum told me for months, maybe even years, that I needed to lose weight. I made a few half-hearted attempts but it never stuck, because I never really wanted to do it. In January something clicked and I realised I needed to lose weight, not because my mum told me to, but because I wasn't happy at the size I was. I also came to realise that I needed to lose weight to be healthy - when a nineteen year old is getting out of breath walking up one flight of stairs it doesn't tend to mean good things.

So yeah, the moral of that little ramble is this: the person who has the biggest impact on me is me. My decisions, my mistakes, my achievements, my failures, they are all down to me. I have to take responsibility for my own actions. So does everyone else.

Ok...I'm not even sure that made any sense, but I know what I was talking about even if you guys didn't, so...yeah. :)

Now my little blog posty challenge is done and out of the way, I have exciting news! I am officially back on track! I know I've said that a lot over the last few weeks, but this time I mean it. The motivating factor was when I got on the scales on Tuesday morning to be informed I'd gained 4lbs - EEEEK. My original plan was to go with the flow until I got back to uni and then get back on track once I was down there, but I know from experience that 4lb soon turns into 7lb, which soon turns into a stone, which soon turns into 'holy fucking shit, I'm back where I started' and that simply won't do. So I started my WW online account and have been on track for the last three days. I've set my WI day for Fridays (before the inevitable weekend parties, sneaky eh!?) so I will be weighing tomorrow morning. I know its only half a weeks worth of tracking so I'm not expecting a loss at all, hopefully I will stay the same at 17st 1.5lb, which is what I was on Tuesday morning. From now on, I hope to be able to report a loss every Friday. I WILL do this!

I have lots of ideas ready for next term to keep me going. I've just been talking to my friend Emma, who, despite being TINY, wants to tone up next term, and we have hatched plans to go swimming and to some gym classes. I'm also going to join the Kick Boxing society, which is fab exercise and will be great for making new friends. I'm thinking of joining the ramblers society as well because I LOVE walking and its something I think I'd really enjoy. I know I need to step up the exercise because as I'm losing weight the skin on my tummy is definitely getting looser. Its not too noticeable at the moment but in three or four stones time its going to be repulsive. The best thing to do would be to tone up my skin as I go along to minimise the looseness.

I've also decided to be more adventurous in my cooking. I'm going to put together a folder of Weight Watchers recipes and try to make something new every week to keep myself interested in what I'm eating. Its so easy to slip into a rut with food and get bored, which leads to slipping off the wagon more often than not. With this in mind, I made some yummy banana muffins this afternoon from the Weight Watchers mag. They're lush, I'd definitely recommend them. They are very easy to make and they make a great snack.

I'm pretty sure thats all for now folks! Much love to all :)

Lauren xxx

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