Monday, 23 August 2010

V Festival 2010

Well I'm back after the most amazing weekend (albeit a slight incident with a guy and a 'friend', but the less said about that the better!) The music was immense and I met so many fab people! Soooo much alcohol consumed and so much junk food eaten but it was completely worth it. I haven't felt so relaxed and confident in a long time.

Here I am on Saturday, just before Paul Weller.

I think this could be my all-time favourite pictures of me.

This is just a quick one from me to say that I had a fab time and that I am, as of now, 100% back on the Weight Watchers wagon. The aforementioned 'friend' incident has taught me that appearances really are everything, and I feel like I won't be treated with any respect or dignity while I'm the fat girl. So onwards and downwards and here's to losing some of the V Festival weight this week!!! :)

Lauren xxx

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