Sunday, 1 August 2010

Ok, I have once again come on here to confess my sins, which I really hate doing. I guess the easiest solution would be to stop sinning, but where's the fun in that?

It is now Sunday morning, and I am still feeling hungover from the absolute skinful I had on Friday night. As I previously mentioned, it was the TOL 'Happy Hour' BBQ, something that happens at the end of every month. I had a brilliant time with all my work colleagues (they are all completely hilarious, I'm very lucky to work with such lovely people) but my goodness, did I drink!

I don't actually even remember what I drank, I just remember everybody getting rounds in from 5.30 through to 11.30. Then there was this stupid game where if you were holding your drink in the wrong hand you ended up having shots poured down your throat. Bad times.

God knows how I managed to get home without mishap.

I was fully intending to draw a line under my misbehaviour yesterday, but the hangover monster reared its ugly head and all I wanted was carbs! Then in the evening I couldn't be bothered to cook and so ended up with a takeaway :(

The gist of all this is that I haven't tracked or pointed for two days, which will seriously impede WI on Thursday. I'm going to be extra good for the rest of the week by sticking to 22 points a day - meaning I'm saving 4 points. Hopefully I will see a STS or a small loss on Thursday, but I hold out very little hope!

Lauren xxx

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