Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I Am A Very Bad Fat Fighter

I don't know what it is this week, I've just been feeling...blahhhhh. This has resulted in some disappointing Weight-Watcherness and I ended up having a bit of a sugar attack this afternoon after work (Cadbury caramel chocolate buttons - WOW!)

I keep telling myself that I can't be point-perfect every day for the rest of my life, sometimes I am going to slip up and I can't always win at everything - but failure is against my nature and it really annoys me when I'm not perfect at something.

I know for a fact tomorrow is going to be a WW disaster. Its one of my best friends from schools birthday and we're pubbing then clubbing. HELLO ALCOHOLLLL. It will be an immense night and I have what I hope is a great outfit for it :/ (pictures to follow as my new digital camera arrived this morning!!!!) but I can't help but think I will look a bit too much like a fatty who is trying too hard in it. Still, we'll see tomorrow! Being out tomorrow night also means I won't be able to attend a meeting to get weighed, but I am instead going to weigh myself on the scales at home to give myself a rough idea of where I'm at :)

Bit of a boring and miserable post from me today sadly, I promise from now on I will try to do better and be a bit more interesting!!!

Lauren xxx

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