Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Climb

Over the last couple of weeks I have been really struggling with Weight Watchers. It all started after I got my 3st on the Thursday. The Friday was my work do at the Tower and I decided to let myself go a bit as a reward for having lost the 3st. The next day I would be right back on it! Needless to say, this didn’t happen, and I’ve had an extremely sketchy couple of weeks self-control wise, which has not been helped by the fact that I’ve been at Dads, and therefore out of my environment. The situation has also not been helped by the fact that I’ve been a pre-menstrual monster for about a week and have just wanted to eat everything in sight!

Anyway, I finally pulled myself together last night and decided enough was enough, and as of today I am back on track! I weighed myself this evening after work (we were too late for me to go the local WW meeting) and I’ve somehow, miraculously, lost 2lbs! I don’t know if this is to do with the scales being slightly different, or because I came on, or if I have genuinely lost 2lb. Either way, it’s the motivation I desperately needed and I am pleased to announce that I am 100% back on the wagon! Today has gone reasonably smoothly and I finished work on 13 points (which included a latte this morning and soup from Eat for lunch) and I’ve just had chilli con carne for dinner. Not really sure what I should point it as but I know I’ve got enough to cover me for the day so I should be fine!

I haven’t posted for about a week and for once I’ve actually had a lot going on in that time (thus contributing to the lack of WW dedication!) On Friday I went to see Wicked with my sister and some of her friends. It really is a fantastic show and I had a great evening. We had dinner at Nando’s beforehand which was delicious as always, and then we had chocolate at the Theatre.

I had Tuesday and Wednesday off work this week, and on Tuesday I had the big event – shopping for V festival!!! I got some really festival-ly stuff, including a great top from Evans that says ‘your love makes me high’ on the back. I also got a black hanky-hem top from Evans with a studded heart on the front, and a black and white Aztec print summer dress from the Dorothy Perkins sale. I grabbed some coloured tights and lots of jewellery from the sales as well so all I need now are some fab willies and some groovy sunglasses and I’m good to go!!

On Wednesday I met mum, George and my cousin Luke in London and we went for lunch at Pizza Express and then onto the Pasaje Del Terror. I fully intended to have a Leggera pizza for lunch but it went out the window and I ended up with a Four Seasons. WHOOPS! Still, at least I didn’t have dessert! The Pasaje Del Terror was HILARIOUS! And terrifying! The 3D film is seriously cheesy but it builds the atmosphere nicely and then you go through the walk-through bit. Its full of scenes from horror films (including one from the Exorcist) and the actors jump out at you and chase you through! We were screaming our lungs out, but it was so much fun! Afterwards we had a walk round Picadilly. This photo of the boys was taken outside Ripley's Believe It Or Not, and the statue is the same height and size that that man really was!

Anyway guys, thats all from me for now! I'm at work for the next three days and then I have Monday off, so hopefully I will be able to stay on the WW wagon for that time! I'm back to Mums tomorrow which should make it theory!

Lotsaa lurveee
Lauren xxx

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