Sunday, 29 August 2010

Blog Challenge Day 6

Favourite superhero....

Does Harry Potter count?

Ok, so, seriously, I don't actually have a favourite superhero, at least not one in the traditional sense. What I do have are favourite characters, whether they're from books, films or tv, which are normally based on certain characteristics that I admire - bravery, selflessness, intelligence and, to a certain extent, ruthlessness.

Not really part of the challenge, but it'll have to do.

As for all other aspects of the life of little old me... Weight Watchers has not been good...AGAIN. I haven't been blowing out massively but I haven't been tracking at all so I'm pretty convinced I've gone over. I'm going to go with the flow for the next couple of weeks and just try to 'maintain' as much as I can until I go back to uni, which is when i will start up my Weight Watchers Online account and go back to weighing in regularly. I'll be back in control of my meals then as well which hopefully should make things easier. Hopefully I won't gain in that time but I can't see myself getting back on the horse in the meantime, and I haven't been that bad, so I'm not going to panic too much.

Other than my less-than-perfect eating habits, everything else is good. Went out for a few drinks with mum last night up the High Street. Next time I hear the words 'you're too young to have a twenty year old daughter' I may shoot myself. Or the person who said it! I'm in work tomorrow, off Tuesday and Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday are my last two days before I'm done for the summer. On Tuesday I'm heading down to Canterbury to pick up the house, excitinnggggg :) I've also decided that I'm going to bite the bullet this week and take a chance, but more on that to follow!!!

I'm off to eat yummy roast duck now, cooked by Mummykins! Om nom nom.

Lotsa lurveeee
Lauren xxx

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