Friday, 27 August 2010

Blog Challenge Day 5

Ok, so not much to report today. The yesterday and the day before have both been a complete write-off in terms of Weight Watchers. I was quite good yesterday until I went round Nans for dinner. Beef stew with lots of dumplings and crusty bread, followed by homemade plum crumble and cream. Gotta love Nans cooking! I was fully intending to put it all behind me and I was reasonable well behaved at work, other than a slight mishap involving some walnut and banana cake from Eat. Dinner wasn't too naughty either - prawns and pasta in a tomato and chili sauce, cooked by moi! It was absolutely lushhh, easily my favourite meal to cook at home :) I only slipped up after dinner with the two glasses of wine and the toblerone...bad Lauren. Bad bad bad. I really must stop doing this to myself!

From this point on, every time I'm on the verge of putting something naughty in my mouth, I am going to stop, count to five, and think this:

'Is it worth the guilt I'll feel afterwards? Is it worth spending the rest of my life alone?'

Because, lets face it, nobody fancies the fat girl.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand! -
Blog Challenge Day 5

This photo (of me and my best friend Danielle) was taken at Disneyland Paris in March 2008. We went on a Business Studies trip in year 12 (I have no idea how I blagged my way there, I didn't even do business studies!) Its not technically of somewhere I've been, in fact it could have been taken anywhere, but this photo always brings back fond memories for me because it was such an awesome weekend - definitely one of the highlights of my time at 6th Form!

Lauren xxx

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