Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Back On Track Day 1, Blog Challenge Day 2

Back On Track Day 1

Ok, so my 'getting back on track' never really happened yesterday, I was too tired and hungover and needed sugar and carbs - ASAP! Me and mum had fish and chips for dinner and I spent the entire day on the sofa doing absolutely nothing - it was bliss. BUT I went back to work today and have managed to stay on track all day so I'm pleased with that. At the moment I'm resting on 24 points after dinner (including a couple of treats today) and I will definitely be needing an early night so I doubt I'll eat anything else before I hit the sack. I'm currently watching Silence of the Lambs while tidying my room (cheerful evening viewing!) and I'm about to plan my weekends away for next term. Planning a trip to Birmingham to visit my best friend from school Sonia and my lovely fellow Weight Watcher Rosie, really can't wait to spend some quality time with them!! And also a trip down to Somerset to visit my cousin who will be starting college down there in September.

Blog Challenge Day 2

The title of my blog, A Little Less of Lauren, is pretty self-explanatory. I started the blog as a way of detailing my weight-loss journey, somewhere to let my thoughts out and hopefully somewhere people can find inspiration for their own weight-loss journeys.

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