Thursday, 15 July 2010


Well I weighed in this morning and have lost another 3lb, meaning I have now lost a grand total of 2st 12.5lb. It also puts me well and truly into the 16s club - WOOOOP!!

Anndddd only another 1.5lb to go until I hit the 3st mark, which is incidentally 15% of my original body weight, how exciting!!

I'm so pleased to finally be out of the 17s, especially considering I got to 17st 11.5lb (my 2st and 10% weight) back in March and have been bouncing up and down in the same stone bracket ever since!! Holidays, exams and generally feeling rubbish have meant that I stayed the same for several weeks and only started losing again once I got home and got myself organised for the summer. But now I'm in the 16s nothing can stop me!! I plan to continue to lose every week for the rest of the summer and if I can keep my losses steady at 2lb a week I could well be in the 15s by the time I go back to Uni in the middle of September - how awesome would that be!? I know its a tall order, especially considering I will be going to V Festival in August and Alton Towers at the end of this month - they will both be frought with food peril - but I've lost consistently for the last four weeks so there's no reason I can't carry on doing it is there now!?

Anyway, I thought I'd give a little update before I carry on with my day! Going to lunch at Nando's with the best bud Danielle this afternoon (salad and diet coke for me!) and then going to see Eclipse! Eeeee exciting stuff! As I was up early I think I might try to squeeze in an hours sleep before I go meet her though, I'm already feeling sleepy and its not even midday yet!!


Lots of lurveeee
Lauren xxx

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  1. Just wanted to say that ive really enjoyed reading through your whole blog and to say well done on your amzing loss so far!


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