Saturday, 24 July 2010

Self-Serve Is The Enemy Of Weight Watchers

Ok, so I'm at my dads at the moment. And foodwise, I've been so good during the day.

Like, so good.

And then I have proceeded to completely fuck it with the evening meal.

See, the thing is, my step-mum is a big fan of the 'self-serve' type meal. I can't really blame her, as there are six of us in the house and we all like and dislike different things, so it is easier to do it this way. And by 'this way', I mean load the table up with lots of different dishes and everyone serves their own dinners.

Which is fine, unless you have the willpower of...someone who doesn't have very much willpower.

Like me.

Yesterday it was Indian food. The homemade kind. The chicken curry wasn't too bad, and the naan bread was a WW one (it was rank, don't go there). But the rice, saag aloo, bombay potatoes, and popadoms...not so good.

Then tonight: chicken salad. How bad can it be, I hear you cry. But alas, it is very bad.

The chicken was probably about 2pts. I had about six baby new potatoes, which was also probably about 2pts (they were teeeny). The 0pt salad had...get this...feta cheese in it!! Why take something 0pts and give it pts! Madness! Anyway, had a few cubes of that, a drizzle of low-fat dressing and a spoonful of pasta salad (tomato-ey type sauce, really very good.) Oh, and a small piece of ciabatta. And a glass of wine. Whoops.

Once I've added it all up I'm sure it'll be fine (I had only used 10pts so far anyway) but still! What is wrong with a good old-fashioned dinner where you're handed a plate and thats what you eat? All this namby-pamby, self-service, new-age bollocks is ruining my diet!!

Oh, and the other danger point...CHOCOLATE! My stepmum is a primary school teacher, and as it was the last day of term yesterday her class have given her lots of presents in the form of chocolates. Now everytime I go into the kitchen I feel compelled to eat one. And then not point it.

...I'm screwed, aren't I?

I must admit, I already feel much better for having confessed my sins. Now I just need to stop sinning! I'll let you know how it goes, but my guess is it won't be good :'(

Lauren xxx

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  1. how did it go? did you resist too many chocs?


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