Sunday, 4 July 2010

Race for Life, BBQs and farrr too much wine!!!

I did it! I did the Race for Life!!!
Now, first of all I do appreciate that this is a picture of a 2008 medal, but I don't have a camera at the moment so I'm having to do the best with what google has to offer!!

So, anyway... I DID IT! 46 minutes and 18 seconds. Ok, so I hardly broke any land speed records and I didn't even jog all of it, but six months ago I was getting chest pains from walking up a flight of stairs so for me to be able to jog at all is the most amazing feeling! I jogged the first kilometer and a bit (with a couple of short breaks to catch my breath!) then I powerwalked for about a km, then jogged, then walked, then jogged the last half km or so. I was totally shattered by the end but I felt great and its really made me see that I CAN do this. Its going to be really hard, and its going to take a long time, but I'll get there.

After I'd finished I got showered and dressed and headed round to my auntie's for a BBQ.

Its my aunts birthday tomorrow and my little bros birthday next weekend, so we always do a combined birthday BBQ party type thing. Everyone was there other than and I had a lovely time playing with my two little cousins (they're two and three) I was swinging them around the garden and then we tried to catch frogs out of my aunts pond - I am SUCH a kid!!!

Anyway, confession time - I ate A LOT. And I drank wine. And we all know wine is the enemy. I'm going to have to do some serious damage limitation this week if I want to see a loss on Thursday and I'm well and truly back on the WW wagon now - anything less than a 2lb loss will devastate me. I'm back to work tomorrow and the walking to and from the train station will earn me about 5 activity points, and then on Tuesday I'm going to carry on with the C25K plan. I NEED to lose this weight!!!

Right, I think I've rambled on enough for the time being... time to go plan my menu for tomorrow to make sure I have no excuses for going off-track! I had a sneaky peek on the scales yesterday and they said 17'1.5, which pleased me. After today they won't say that but I'd love to see 16'something on the scales this week. I weighed in at 17'2.5 last Thursday so 3lb off would bring me to 16'13.5 - its a tall order, but not impossible! Here I come low points and exercise!!!

Much love!!!!!
Lauren xxx


  1. WELL DONE on the race for life lauren! And I really think wi may suprise you this week - exercise does wonders for weight loss

  2. Just found your blog, I was so inspired by the about you blog and the little snatchets i have seen so I am starting from the beginning. Well done on the race for life, thats one of my new goals.

    Ps. Sorry the well done is late :P


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