Thursday, 22 July 2010

Just Got Back From Weigh-In...

...and I lost 0.5lb this week.

Part of me is thrilled, the other part is extremely frustrated as I am now just 1lb away from the 3st mark. I would have loved to have got my 3st on my 6 month anniversary, but alas it was not to be!

BUT I'm not really that surprised. I got weighed first thing last week, meaning I was automatically a couple of lbs lighter than if I'd been weighed in the evening. I also had Nandos that afternoon and chocolate on Saturday at the cinema, so its not like I've been super good. And I will admit now that I am fully intending to have a Subway at work tomorrow. The low-fat version, but a Subway none-the less. I've craved one all week but have held off because of WI and not being good at the end of last week, but tomorrow I'm going to treat myself :)

Unfortunately this is just going to be a quickie from me as me and the bro are off to dads this evening. I'm working tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, and then Monday we're off to Alton Toooweerrrs :D There's eight of us going - me, George, Dad, Casey (the wife), Amy and her friend Alex, and Caseys George (yes, I know, its confusing). Alton Towers is bound to involve lots of fast food but I'm determined to make good choices and am going armed with my eating out guide and points calculator!!

Anyway, must dassshhh!

Lauren xxx

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