Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Ok, I know its not really, but as I have tomorrow and the day after off work its my version of Friday, which is good enough for me! :)

I have actually had a remarkably good day, despite being ridiculously tired from all these early mornings! I walked up to Billericay Station this morning (about 25minutes) then from Liverpool Street Station to the Tower (about 15minutes) and then back again after work, which adds up to about 80minutes of walking. Plus I was covering breaks today at work which meant lots of running up and down stairs and between boxes trying to find stuff which definitely doesn't do any harm! I haven't got my pedometer at the moment because its broken, but when I had it on me at work before I was clocking up between 5 and 7 bonus points a day from all the walking.

I have also made some revelations food-wise today, the first of which being breakfast is SO important!! For the last week or so I've been having either toast or a fruit salad for breakfast, which has not been filling me up and normally results in me being absolutely ravenous by 11am. This morning I went back to the old Weight Watchers message boards classic - Oat So Simple!! Add skimmed milk, whack in the microwave for two minutes and BAM! You have yourself a super-filling brekkie for 2pts! I've taken a stock of OSS into work with me and from now on will be having a bowl when I get in, accompanied by a cuppa to set me up for the day!

My second revelation was that vegetables are my friends! Since I've been home for the summer I haven't been eating as many veggies (when I was at uni I practically lived on roasted veg) but tonight I cooked chicken and veg kebabs for everyone and it was LUSH! Me and mum marinaded the chicken first and then I whacked them in the oven, serve with pitta breads and salad and you're done. It was the most enjoyable dinner I've had in ages and its reminded me how much I enjoy cooking. As I'm off tomorrow and Wednesday I've offered to cook dinner then as well - tomorrow is Spag Bol and Wednesday will be chicken curry (Tesco Light Options Masala Sauce - if anyone hasn't tried it I recommend you do so immediately. If not sooner. Its amaaaazing!) Anyway, my point. The veg really made the kebabs interesting, colourful and pretty to look at and tasted amazing :) and made it all much more filling! The whole meal came in at 7pts, meaning I had enough left over for a few snacks after dinner, which is doubly impressive as I caved in to temptation on the way home from work and got a Mocha Lite Frappuchino from Starbucks...oops. Despite all that I've come in at bang on my 26pts for the day, yippeeeee! :)

Anyway, the gist of this post? Porridge = good. Veggies = good.

And as for tomorrow...SLEEP! I'm going to have a good lie-in and then I'm going to take the dogs for a nice long walk in the woods. Afterwards I'm going to pop up the high street to pay in a cheque and get some things for dinner, and then spend the evening relaxing with a film or a good book. Bliss!!

Good luck to anyone getting weighed tomorrow, and to anyone reading this I hope you all have a good day :)

Lauren xxx

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