Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I'm Lovin' It.

Ok, here's the thing...I love food. I mean, I really really really love food. You don't get to be the size I am unless you love food.

Since being on Weight Watchers, my whole attitude to food has changed - which is exactly the point.

See the thing about counting and writing down everything you eat is that it makes you feel immensely guilty. Every time you write something down part of you thinks 'did I really need that?'

If you're a good Weight Watcher (as I like to think I am), then normally the answer is yes.
I said normally.

For example on Friday, when I had a Subway. I chose the low-fat option, said no to cheese and had light mayo instead of full-fat. I also had a diet coke and passed on dinner that night.
But MY GOD, the guilt nearly killed me.

It happened again this morning. I went to Starbucks and got a Mocha Lite Frappuchino. 3 points. 3 stinking points, and yet I've spent the rest of the day obsessing about it.

It was only when I walked into the staffroom to be greeted by the sight of one of my colleagues devouring yet another KFC meal that I realised what an absolute cock I was being.

I had an extra 3 points. SO WHAT? I'm still only on 15 points now, meaning I have another 12 for dinner and a snack afterwards, so what am I freaking out about? Sometimes the guilt I feel from treating myself becomes so all-encompassing that I struggle to remember what my eating habits used to be like compared to what they are now.

Before: Nothing
Now: 2 slices of brown toast or a bowl of porridge

Before: Soup with four slices of thick white bread or beans on toast with cheese
Now: Bagel or pitta bread with turkey and salad, cucumber and tomatoes, yoghurt

Before: HUGE portion of pasta, jar of sauce, tuna or chicken, or a large lamb kebab with chips
Now: Salads/Stir-frys/Grilled fish or chicken/LOTS of roasted veggies

Before: Ben and Jerrys, biscuits, chocolate, crisps, bread
Now: Fruit, two finger KitKat, yoghurts, sugar-free jelly what the hell have I got to feel guilty about, right?

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  1. i know what you mean though - its hard not to be really critical of ourselves, but i reckon as long as we are doing better the majority of the time we should still lose :-)
    love you xx


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