Friday, 2 July 2010

Before and After

Hey guys, me again!

In the spirit of 'how far I've come', I thought I'd upload a 'before' picture.

This picture was taken in mid-December 2009, just before the end of my first term at uni. I hadn't weighed myself for about a year and a half, but judging by clothes sizes I had put on about 2.5st since I'd got to uni. I no longer have the jeans or top I was wearing here, even though they would probably still fit. The jeans were falling apart so I chucked them, and the top is lost in the abyss that is the underneath of my bed! I still have the blazer though, and THANK GOD it actually fits me properly now - before it was all tight across the shoulders and arms, total nightmare.

Unfortunately I don't have any really recent pictures of me, mainly because I still don't like having my photo taken. The best one I have is probably this one:

This picture was taken in late March 2010, I think I'd lost just under 2st at this point. Its not a great picture in terms of from the neck down, and I promise to get a better one up here ASAP! :)

Ok so photos done, what else...

Haven't got much planned for this afternoon, mainly because I have no money at all! All the my funds are going towards paying for my weekly weigh-ins (that is dedication!) I was planning to go for a run but it is farrr too hot today, so I'm going to take the doggies for a lovely long walk in the woods instead (it definitely still counts as exercise!) The at 3.40pm I have an appointment to give blood. It'll be the third time I've donated and I am perversely quite looking forward to it, is that weird? I'm not really sure why, other than the obvious feeling of having done something good for another person. If you have never done it before, and if you're healthy enough to do it, I definitely recommend having a look online for your nearest session :)

And then...tonight...the big event....ECLIPSEEEE. Mum has got preview tickets for tonight and tomorrow (I <3>

Ok, I am off to go for walkies now :)


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  1. you can really tell the difference in your face sweetie :-D xx


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