Sunday, 11 July 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Bro!

Today my baby brother George turns 14! This makes me feel very, verrryyy old. I remember quite clearly going to the hospital the day after he was born to bring him and mum home. They let me hold him in the hospital and his head looked like a little scrunched up potato. BLESS!

Not only is George's birthday today, but my little sister Amy started her first ever job last night, waitressing at the country club up the road from dads house. EEK. I sound like a sentimental parent but I really can't believe they're so grown up.

I still remember them like this:

But they actually look like this:

And this:

(Amy is on the right by the way, in the multi-coloured dress. The one is black is her friend Rosie)

Yeah, definitely not bubbas anymore! :( Which kind of scares me to be honest, because if they're almost grown-up, it means I must be grown-up already. My mum always says things to me like 'you're an adult now' but I just don't feel like an adult! Thing is, I don't know if thats specific to me or whether all people in my age and situation feel like that? I'm an independent person and always have been, but I still feel like I need mummy and daddy there to look after me. Even though I live on my own at uni I still speak to one or both of them everyday and the thing is, I will continue to be dependent on them for several more years yet. I'll need them to be around when I've finished uni and while I try to find my feet, get a job, save up for somewhere to live...I don't think either of them realise this, but I won't be fully moved out of their houses until I'm at least 26.

I do realise I'm rambling, but what I'm getting at is whether I still feel like a kid because, despite being almost 20, I still essentially am a child in the financial/home sense, or is this feeling common to all people my age who are going through the weird transition of child to adult? I know plenty of girls my age and younger who have babies, live with their boyfriends/fiances, etc. By the time my mum was my age she had a one year old (Little me! Ahhh...) but did she still feel like a child, or did she feel like a proper, responsible, grown-up? Because I'll be honest...I don't think I'm ever going to feel like a proper, responsible adult.

Anyway, enough pondering about my inability to grow up, and on to the business at hand...

I got drunk last night. I don't really remember how many drinks I had but I stuck to the Malibu and diet coke (or soda and lime - summer in a glass! omnomnom) and fruit-based cocktails. I think I had about a pitcher and a half of Woo Woos, which is vodka, malibu and cranberry juice, so its not really that naughty. And I didn't have the usual post-pub Maccy D's or Kebab, despite being offered several. GO ME! Instead I had a couple of leftover BBQ bits when I got in :) All in all fairly successful I would say, which is more than can be said for Thursday and Friday when I had Fish and Chips and Subways...the Subway was within my points, the Fish and Chips, not so much...but still, onwards and downwards as my Weight Watchers chums would say :)

I'm going to attempt to get another hours sleep now (I was woken by a very excited George at 9am and I was, and probably still am, very drunk) and then this afternoon we're going to the Harvester for his birthday - I WILL make good choices!

Lauren xxx

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  1. Oh Lauren the not feeling grown up is not just you! I think it will only change when we finally have our own kids/get married to be honest.

    As to not having maccy D's last night - well done sweetie!



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