Saturday, 3 July 2010


Literally, amazing. I spent the entire two hours hyperventilating. Robert Pattinson is, without a shadow of a doubt, the single most GORRRGEOUS man on the face of the planet. Bar none. Although, Taylor Lautner is certainly growing into a strapping young man. And I wouldn't say no to Peter Facinelli either. Or Kellan Lutz....yum. Urm, where was I?

On a more serious, less perverted-workings-of-Laurens-mind note, this evening was NOT Weight Watchers friendly. I treated myself to Ben and Jerrys and have not been tracking properly all day. Me and mum also shared a popcorn (we had to get a large to get the free Edward cups. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!) I will have to be super good for the rest of the weekend, although that could be difficult as we're going to the cinema again tomorrow night (always fraught with peril!!) and then I have a family BBQ on Sunday! Eeek! Still, I'm doing Race for Life on Sunday as well which will definitely earn me some BPs, and then I will step up the walking during the week and track religiously. I WILL lose my 2lb this week to keep me on track for next term!!!

I have to admit though, one thing I have realised from watching Eclipse is I really miss male company! Not in the sexual sense (Ok, maybe a little bit in the sexual sense...I mean, have you SEEN R-Pattz!?!) I've always tended to have more male friends but since I've been at uni I've had more female friends. I love them all a lot but I miss the simplicity of hanging out with boys - they don't obsess as much, they're not as bitchy or judgmental. When I'm with my boy mates I feel more relaxed, more in control of myself, and safer for some reason. I miss that. I will definitely be making the effort next term to extend my friendship group to include more guys :)

Plus, if one of my new boy mates looks like this I won't be complaining...

Ok, I'm stopping now. I promise.

Love from
Lauren Pattinson!

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