Sunday, 18 July 2010

Another Less Than Perfect Weekend

Ok, first of all I'm going to start this blog by saying I am extremely irate. Here I thought it was supposed to be the teenage daughter who drove her parents mad (and to be fair, I did do plenty of that when I was 15) but now its the other way round!!! I suppose I should thank them really, because in a perverse way they're doing me a favour. Every time I think I might actually like to be in a relationship with someone - a functional, grown-up, mutually respectful relationship - I can look at my mummy and my daddy and it will remind me that no such thing exists!! They were miserable when they were together and they're miserable with their new partners, so what sort of example does that set me and my brother? I don't know how they expect us to be normal when we have to live with the repercussions of their relationship dramas!

Wow, that was completely irrelevant to anything to do with Weight Watchers or my life, but it sure felt good to get it off my chest!!

Now, onto the important stuff....somebody PLEASE slap me round the face, hard, because I have yet again had a bit of a naughty weekend! After WI on Thursday I went to Nandos with the full intention of having a salad...and ended up with a chicken burger, chips AND garlic bread and a free 1/4 chicken from my loyalty card...EEEK. Then we went to the cinema to see Eclipse and Danielle and I shared some crispy m&ms. I said no to dinner that night and was good all day Friday, then yesterday me and mum went to see Inception (I hold my hands up to being a total cinema geek!!) and not only did I eat the packet of revels I'd bought for myself (3.5pts) I also then proceeded to scoff the malteasers (another 3.5pts) which put me 3pts over for the day! DAMMIT!

I've managed to be good again today at work but I haven't been able to point dinner :/ Mum made her signature dish and my absolute favourite meal, Goulash and braised red cabbage (for those of you who don't know, Goulash is a kind of tomato-y beef stew with veggies, but it was quite oily) and I had a couple of spoons of rice with it. I had 12.5pts left for the day so I should be ok - fingers crossed! I'm pretty sure I won't see much of a loss this week anyway as I weighed in first thing in the morning last week and will be going back to evenings this week, which can make all the difference on the scales sadly! We will have to see...

In other news, tomorrow is the HRP Tower of London Admissions Group B version of Friday!! Its the last of my four-days-on and I have Tuesday and Wednesday off - its a midweek weekend!! I'm so looking forward to having a good long sleep because early mornings definitely don't agree with me! I'm also hoping I won't be constantly hungry because I am definitely seeing a correlation between work and the desire to stuff myself! Am I the only one this happens to??? I do hope not.

OH OH OH. One more thing. My cousin uploaded some pics of me onto Facebook late last week that I thought I'd share :)

This one is of me and my little cousin Olivia. It was taken in July 2008, a couple of months before my 18th. This was just after my first encounter with Weight Watchers, I think I weighed about 13.5st.

This one was taken at Christmas 2007 (how cute is the baby, by the way?! Thats Olivia as well!) This was pre-WW and I think I was in the region of 14st, about 3st less than I weigh now. I'm amazed at how different my face looks in both these pictures, particularly the top one. Granted it was a couple of years ago now but still. I actually look quite pretty - and thats a word I've never used to describe myself before!! I'm also amazed that these photos exist. I had forgotten that I used to like having my photo taken!!!

Anyway, thats all from me for now! Just thought I'd share those pics and use them as my inspiration to keep going :) Have a good evening everybody!!

Lauren xxx


  1. I can deffinately relate to parents causing stress to their children, my dad causes me so much stress i dont doubt that i am scarred for life! lol
    You look beautiful in the pictures and i would have said you looked about 10 stone!

  2. 10 stone, I WISH! I was wearing size 16 clothes back then but I am very tall (5'11) so that accounts for a stone or two of my weight! :)


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